Thursday, 27 February 2014


Following on from yesterday's post of seaside I thought I'd show you a collage I made years ago when the kids were small and they're in their 40's now, that's how old it is.

This has hung in my bathroom for years simply because I can't throw it out. I'm like that with most things, once I get a liking for something it stays.

This was quite simply made and probably on the spur of the moment knowing how I work.
I took a piece of hardboard and tinted some polyfilla pink with a tiny bit of acrylic paint, plastered it onto the hardboard and while it was still wet pushed bits and pieces that I had found on the beach into it and yes, its held those bits for all these years.
Some of them are a bit the worse for wear having been knocked a few times.  The bladderwrack  top right next to the bit of rope was a bit fragile and has lost some of its bumpy bits but the bits of cork, the cuttlefish and shells are holding on well,and it's still good for a few more years.

Also here is the Tatted seahorse in its frame and on the wall.

Its laid on black velvet and so you can see the hands and camera in the reflection, sorry.

Can't do a post without them getting in on it can I?

What's going on here then, well, I'm hoovering and you would thing it was going to swallow them up.
These two have retreated to the top of the stairs and the others have hidden elsewhere.
They were born in this house and have heard a dyson from the time they were born but are still scared of it.  
Any ideas why?


  1. A Hoover/Dyson eats cats for breakfast - that`s why!

    Only one of ours is not terrified of the Dyson. Forest Cat is laid back to the point of being a bit simple. I can gently nudge him out of the way with the moving Dyson before he will wander off. He`s not deaf, just very unusual for a cat!

    A lovely beach collage and obviously full of good memories.

  2. when bob starts the dirt devil on Sat mornings, Baby goes in her condo, our closet, Jake gets int he chair in the bedroom. when bob is done with the rest of the house and heads for the bedroom, both of them almost knock him down headed for the living room sofa.... they do not like the vacuum...
    it might be that it hurts their ears...
    love that sea horse...

  3. One of mine is scared of the vacuum cleaner and the hair dryer the other couldn't care less.

  4. How funny that they are still scared of the vacuum machine. I had a black cat that I called Kitty and she just love having her fur vacuumed and she purred loudly. She also love being in small tight places. A very affectionate cat. So who knows why cats are like they are. They all have their own personalities.

    You nautical frame still is pretty. If you find some new interesting things, you can always make a new one for cheap.

    I never attempted tatting. It looks very tedious work. Your seahorse is very handsome.

  5. Poppy's exactly the same yet Ted isn't bothered at all and as he was here first you'd think she'd take her cue from him. Perhaps they can here monsters in hoovers that our ears don't pick up... :-)

  6. Your collage is lovely and I dont think I would be able to part with it either.Love those kitties!!

  7. Love the collage and seahorse - and the kitties of course!

    Our two are terrified of the vac too, strange isn't it?


  8. Lovely memories. The collage, I mean. If you still love it, you are right to keep it.

    Always think the dogs resent the vacuum, because it sucks up all the interesting stuff on the floor.

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