Sunday, 2 February 2014


Hooray, today was sunny.  Still with the threat of rain and a few nasty clouds about but on the whole what looked like a lovely day ahead.
We haven't been to a car boot sale since the country field's ended in October but there is one quite nearby held on a race course but the weather has been so awful that it has not been taking place.  But today we took a look.
Was I glad we went, there was a large clearance van that was selling everything for 50p, boxes and boxes of it to rummage in, and I love to rummage.

I know its hard to believe but I bought a box of silk flowers for £1.00 , I know I said 50p but the stall holder saw how many were in there and I'm not going to complain.
Normally I wouldn't buy artificial flowers but I saw a blog some time ago where she did some amazing things with them, just got to try to remember where the blog was.

2 wedgewood pieces, one dish and one trinket box. all perfect.

 I realise these are a funny thing to buy but honestly just look at them, they are vintage first aid kits in tin boxes with all the bandages etc still intact. I love old stuff like this. Again 50p each.

Okay, they need a wash and iron but this hand embroidered table cloth and pretty tray cloth cost just 50p for the both.

2 small picture frames, maybe for some tatting.
The brown frame picture is an embroidered one and on the back has a label telling me that it was made by Linda Kerr and is an original from 94, on looking it up I find that they are quite collectable.

And these were in with a lot of crochet hooks.  Twist Pins....I've never seen them before.
they look like drawing pine but with cork screw pins, apparently you screw them in.  I'm guessing that you can't get them now.  Anyone know differently?

On reflection, I wish I'd taken more chances and bought more stuff but I'm not very good at telling what is vintage and what isn't but I'm please with what I did buy.
Just hoping the same people will be there again. lol

Hope you all had a good weekend and the weather was kind for you too.


  1. Wow!What a haul.Some real treasures there.

  2. I love that embroidered picture of the sheep and the embroidered fabric. I look at things like that and wonder at the amount of work and skill they took to make. Good haul. I am impressed too by anyone doing a car boot sale in the current weather!!!

    Linda xx

  3. you found a lot of really good deals and i am thinking those first aid boxes might be worth a bit of money.. vintage is big right now for collectors...

  4. Some great finds there Briony. Enjoy your sunshine!

  5. The twist pins are used as trim on upholstered furniture.

  6. we woke up to wet snow covering everything this morning but I'm glad you got sunshine.
    You found some really good deals. Very cool on those first aid kits that they still had all the contents

  7. What a great haul of bargains - that picture of the sheep in particular.

  8. Lots of great finds there! I love those first aid kits.

    Good luck finding the blog with the silk flower ideas! :D

  9. What a wonderful haul and some gorgeous treasures. I love the blue jasper dishes and the little first aid kits.

    Just as well you didn't go to the charity shops where I live or you'd have had to take out a mortgage for this lot!

  10. some great buys here, like you I would have had a big spend too with bargains at 50p. How sad that the lovely embroidery ended up on at a car boot sale, maybe my girls will do that with mine too when the time comes but hope not

  11. Dear B
    Lots of bargains to be found there - congratulations. I'm not that keen on car boots, but sometimes you do find some treasures.
    Best wishes

  12. You did find some interesting things. I love the old embroidery. I hope it washes up well for you.

    A sunny day here, which makes a change this winter! We went for a brisk walk on the Forest to blow the cobwebs away.

  13. Looks as though you found some treasure!

  14. You got some great finds there. I am more a fair weather car booter myself although I did get to visit one the other week that goes on all year.

  15. I couldn't help but notice that little embroidered Scottish landscape. First of all I must tell you that I'm from New Brunswick, Canada and that my oldest daughter lives in Glasgow Scotland. She bought me two small Embroidered Lanscapes from artist Linda Kerr some years ago. One is similar to yours, and it has a sheep standing by a fence in a patch of heather with mountains inthe background and the other is a landscape of a highland cow with similar background. I cherrish them. They are machine embroidered and very pretty.