Friday, 25 April 2014


Last evening we decided to go for a walk on the downs to hear the birdsong and take a short walk.   The evening was beautiful an we duly parked and set out watching the rabbits and took in the amazing sight of a field of cowslips.
As I looked back to the gate I notice a single man watching us  but took no notice, however once over the other side of the field I saw that he was still there watching us but had moved along a bit.
We stopped and watched the birds for a while and decided to make our way back to the car.....the man was still watching us.
Once back in the car park we got into the car and the watcher did the same, he then proceeded to follow us down the road.
By this time I was getting really nervous.....maybe I've read too many thrillers or something but it didn't feel right.
Once we hit the large roundabout Tom took a sharp turn and we shot down the road as fast as the speed limit would allow and lost him, but all the way home we were checking in the rear view mirror and once home I was so relieved.
Maybe there was nothing in it, but it really scared the living daylights out of us both and has put us off going to this particular place in the evening again.


  1. I watch a lot of thrillers too, but that sounds too spooky or words.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh my dear, what a horrid experience for you both. It could have been entirely coincidental, bird watching or some such, but if you felt nervous I think I would trust that instinct. Better safe than sorry. What a shame it has spoilt your evening out. I think if I ever thought I was being followed I would drive to the nearest police station and turn in there! x

  3. these days and times, he could be a stalker and could be bad news, or just a nut that likes to watch people. i would have done the same thing you did.

  4. Thank goodness you weren't alone!
    It's a shame that we think like this nowadays,but it's always better to be safe than sorry.
    Jane x

  5. How horrible, there are some very strange people out there.

  6. This would have REALLY scared me, and I am so glad you lost him. I think he was up to no good. What a scary story.

  7. There are too many 'crazies' out and about!
    I'm sure I wouldn't return to that particular area.

  8. Horrible experience. Did you phone the police I wonder and let them know. It may save someones life next time.

  9. That would have totally freaked me out. You just never know these days. Glad you made it home safe and sound

  10. Well that is very uncomfortable and you may want to report what you recall about him and the vehicle because maybe he will go further and get better at stalking and hurt someone else, this way it will protect someone else or help if some thing else goes wrong in the area!

  11. That is too spooky for comfort. Maybe this person was a stalker. I would have called the police and I would have reported it just in case something might happen to someone else. They probably wouldn't do anything but at least they would have the report...

    I'm glad you made it home safe.

  12. how rotten to have such a pleasant evening walk spoilt by some creep. If you come across him again make a note of his car reg and report him, nasty business.

  13. This has totally freaked me out, so glad you are ok.

    Thanks so much for your comment on my post this morning, happy to see someone out there also loves birch trees, and now I know that they support so much wildlife I think I can feel justified!!