Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Rowan has fallen in love with Mr. Stone and likes to curl herself around it, problem is that I planted a lot of pussy grass in this place, (you can just see it poking through in front of the flower tile)  oh well, for the love of cats.....

Keeping a steely eye on things through the gate hatch is Princess, always on the look out for someone to pounce on.

Here's something I've never tried before, Lathyrus, or more commonly known as 'Ever lasting Sweet Pea'.  These are white but I understand that you can get them in pinks as well.
They are also perennial so hopefully I will get more than one year out of them , will show blooms when we get them.


  1. Those kitties are just so cute, my two are always up to their tricks, including trying to steal crumbs of lemon cake!


  2. Love the puss cats! That stone is obviously THE place to be :-)

    You'll love the everlasting peas- I grew some from seed a few years back and they get better every year- the brimstone butterflies love them x

  3. Oh I just love that song, sung by Johnny Mathis of course.

    I do like Princess with her fiendish moustache for twiddling. I used to have a cat called Stripey, who would always wait and pounce, usually on my feet as I walked upstairs!

  4. grinned all the way through the pics... cats will be cats and dogs will be dogs... we love them anyway. i really really like that stone face. where did you get that? never seen one like it.
    love the grass to...

  5. The kitty must love the heat that comes from the stone and chose to lay beside it.
    Very cute.

    Good luck with your perennial pea plant.
    Happy Earth Day.

  6. The stone must be warmed by the sun..always trust a cat to find the warmest place.
    Jane x

  7. really cute pictures and you make me want to plant, that is good!

  8. Clever cat to find the warmest place in the sun!

    Watch those everlasting sweet peas. They are pretty, but they pop their seed pods across the garden and we find ourselves weeding out some of the young ones. They would like to take over!

  9. Your cats are real treasures
    My perennial sweet peas didn't die off this winter . the flowers did but not the plant.
    I hope mine spread a bit more .

  10. This is hilarious about Rowan and Mr. Stone! Well, after all it IS Pussy Grass!

  11. Cats are too funny! If only we could read their little minds.

  12. Lovely pictures of two gorgeous cats :-)
    Love from Mirjam.

  13. Too cute! Our little cat let loose two live mice in living room yesterday - My mother was visiting at the time so cue plenty of shrieking!