Saturday, 21 June 2014

50 Years old and still going strong.

When Tom and me got  married 50 years ago we bought this Ercol table and chairs. Now 50 years later it is still going strong.
We have painted the chairs and table legs and the table top has had several refurbs but after 3 kids swinging about on the chairs, all of the painting, play dough, sewing and lots of other activities that it has been used for it still looks lovely.
It was expensive but maybe it pays sometimes to pay a little more, it certainly did here.
Well Rupert likes it....


  1. Hello,

    What stories that table and chairs could tell....

    They have stood the test of time so well and, so have you both. It is amazingly lovely to have been together for so long.

    And, the cat does seem to be contented too....wonderful!

  2. tell Rupert I like it to... i thought i was the only one that keeps things like that. our table and chairs is 24 years old and i thought that was old... the thing is, it looks as good as it did when i bought it and even when i think i would like something else, i think why, there is nothing wrong with it... when i saw the post i thought you meant YOU were 50 which is what i wish i were now...

  3. What a beautiful room, I wish I could take a picture of my house like that :) love the checkerboard floor too. And 50 years Congratulations!

  4. What can I say? Quality lasts!
    Best wishes and congratulations - have a lovely weekend.

  5. I thought that your title implied that you and Tom were still going strong after 50 years of marriage. If it's your anniversary, I wish you HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.

    Wow, you did a magnificent job of keeping that table and chairs in great condition. It has the cat's seal of approval.


  6. Here's to you
    Here's to me
    Here's to a
    Happy Anniversaree !
    Here's to days gone by
    And those that are to be
    And here's to a
    Happy Anniversary......

    May you have many more to share.

  7. Wow! I must say, it is really is looking very good for 50. Still in style, too. :) Have a good weekend. Tammy

  8. 50 years!?! And here I thought you were maybe 35, 36...


  9. You have certainly had your money`s worth from this table. I have a few very old bits, 2 of which were my grandmother`s who passed away in 1956, they do not make them as they used to do they.

  10. It certainly doesn't show it's age. I have a hard time buying expensive things because I'm cheap by nature but you're right it does pay sometimes to spend the extra.

  11. They are such lovely table and chairs. How amazing they are 50years old and still strong. Happy 50th anniversary to you xoxo

  12. All those happy memories around your lovely and looking good as new too. Thank you very much for your kind words on my recent post. XX

  13. Wow, fifty years! Congratulations to you both. Sorry it's a little belated, but blogger are messing with my dashboard. I love Ercol furniture, stylish, tough and timeless. Have a great week.

  14. Quality stands the test of time.Many congratulations on your 50th anniversary.A real achievement.

  15. That is a wonderful table and chairs and looks quite contemporary as it would have done 50 years ago. Congratulations on 50 years together. That is quite a feat! x

  16. I just put the link to bonnet under the picture on my blog!