Monday, 9 June 2014


A couple of days ago we decided to give the leather sofa a bit of a clean up and at the same time remove the stuff down the side and back of it.
Oh dear, I wasn't sure if I should show you this but does it really matter, No, it doesnt' so here goes.

I know some of you will be horrified but this is an accumulation of sweet papers that we pulled out, one carrier bag full.
We both like a sweet or two and this is a few weeks worth but we hang our heads in shame . lol

Still on the subject of sofa's, this one's a cream fabric and we put a fleece on top to stop the cat hairs.   Look who has just managed to squeeze onto a bit without the cover, Rowan.

The desk chair in new and so I draped it with a towel, lifting it up when I want to sit down,  I got up to visit the kitchen and look what happened.  Willow decides its nicer without the towel.
I give up.....

On a positive note, the cafe creme scrumble is coming along well, I'm making lots of bits and pieces and keep them on a cork board until needed.


  1. That look like a yummy selection of sweets! LOL! Nothing to be ashamed of!!! We roll ours up into tight little balls for the cats to play with and then have to clean them up from under the furniture.

    Love the coffee scrumble!

  2. I think we all have secrets hiding in our sofas you're just braver than most of us showing us

  3. I'm not judging but I think it very sweet of both of you sitting on that beautiful sofa together even though you're eating sweets. I think you should keep it up.


  4. oh wow! my little dog take the papers from me when I am done and she collects them all in her little bed, I just smile cause it looks like she has a little problem not me :)
    love the way you deep track of bits and pieces I got to do better!

  5. That is hilarious! It seems the older we get, the more we like sweets and like to eat them in the evening. As soon as we get up, the cats rush for our warm spots!

  6. I think most of us love to have a few sweets to chew on! Typical of cats they will sleep where they want to not where you want them too!

  7. Dear B
    I smiled about the cats - I had the same idea with desk chairs, but then made the mistake of turning my back and now cat hair abounds...everywhere!
    Your scrumble is coming along beautifully.
    Best wishes

  8. I feel your pain with the cat hairs. My oldie boy is on a mission to cover every piece of furniture with them.

  9. I love your honesty :)!
    We are also on a constant mission against cat hairs everywhere... When my husband goes to work he has to check his trousers for cat hairs :)!
    Love, Mirjam.

  10. That's a lot of sweet papers! But I do the same. Sometimes hide things to somewhere invisible instead of trash can :-)
    Your kitties are adorable. They know the best place to nap!

  11. Cat hair on all the furniture--errr!
    I sometimes comment that we can't have anything 'nice'--sofa and chairs are draped in towels and throws which are whisked off and bundled away in the event of 'company!'

  12. loved the laughter this caused. both the sweet papers found and the cats getting around your desire to keep hair off the seats. the only thing in our leather sofas is black sand and dog hair from baby..

  13. You are SO clever with all the things you make.
    I love the way cats do that- Cleo (who was white) always used to home in on black jumpers!
    It's just as well you can't lose gin bottles down the side of a sofa, or you'd be appalled at my 'cleaning out the sofa bag'!! xx

  14. Wow, what a haul from down the back of the settee. I daren't put my hand down ours. I did give it a hoover the other week but the sides keep coming back to bite me. Our cat covers get a lot of sitting on too, plus pussy sick. Of course little pusscats know when they're taken off to have a wash!
    Love from Mum

  15. I have found all sorts of things down the back of our sofa and chairs after the grandchildren have been, including sandwiches, sweeties, crisps and toys!