Tuesday, 10 June 2014


I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea but this is what I found on the back iron stairs today, a couple of romantic snails.
I was fascinated as I've never seen this before.  Apparently they can remain locked together like this for anything from 2 to 5 hours.
No wonder I've got so many snails in my Bijou garden, they must know that they're safe as we would never kill any of them.
When we had an allotment we used slug and snail killer once and I was in tears watching these poor creatures die, I never used it again...
My method is to plant things that they leave alone.
Geraniums, Busy Lizzies, Verbena Bonariensis, Lobelia, Roses, Begonia's all seem to be snail and slug free.
These two remained together for 3 hours before going their own way.


  1. I love snails and have been researching them for my garden species list. We have white lipped banded, brown lipped banded and common snails here so far. Your two are common snails. Banded snails are used as a marker of evolutionary change as they adapt their colours (brown or yellow) and the number of bands according to climate change and predation risk (mostly from thrushes). They are really fascinating creatures :-) x

  2. How interesting that they mate for that long. I had never seen this before.

    Our snails are usually large and last year they were abundant because it rained and they did a lot of damage to my Hostas but I have lots of them so a few holes here and there is OK.

    Snails repulse me because they're slimy but my granddaughter holds them in her hands and she let spiders run in her hair. She has no fear of insects that one since she was a tiny girl.


  3. Whoa...that picture is definitely enlightening! This is the first I've ever even thought about the mating habits of snails. Great picture!

  4. I'm kind of ambivalent about the snails as I do think they are so pretty but they are utterly voracious and there is even one on my shed roof!

    I don't want to use any kind of killer either as I fear my cats will get it and I also don't like killing things either.

    I like your idea of planting stuff they don't like. I have a hosta in the back bed that keeps them well fed and as I don't really like it I reckon it keeps them off the stuff I do like. Last your I thought someone had come in my garden gone all the way to the back and taken the hosta as it was completely missing. Apart from the absurdity of such a thing happening, especially when my neighbours next door have a fabulous garden with exotic plants, a skeletonised leaf pointed to the slugs and snails being responsible. So I leave them to it.

    Yesterday there was one on the edge of the drive so I went round it as I reckoned it was leaving!

  5. I don't know how long I stared at that picture trying to figure out what the heck it was...lol Isn't that fascinating.

  6. Well that is so interesting to see, thank you Briony! Because of their slimy feel I really don't touch snails but do find them quite fascinating. Thankfully we are not troubled by them anyway so perhaps we have chosen our plants well!
    Thank you for visiting my blog Briony - do feel welcome any time! xJoy

  7. Who knew that snails are so romantic? It is bad to use that poison that slowly dries them up.

  8. Wow! That is fascinating!
    Thanks for sharing the info and th great picture.

  9. Never seen snails "at it" before, I have plenty in my garden, it is the slugs I really cannot tolerate, so slimy and horrid. First I blamed the slugs but now realise it is some kind of insect that have stripped all my yellow lupins, whatever it is have not touched the purple ones sorry snails for blaming you

  10. That`s a fascinating photo.
    We had a pair mating under the bird table last week. A silly place to choose as someone with feathers (probably one of our garden song thrushes) had double portions for lunch. They disappeared soon after I first spotted them.

    Snail/slug pellets are forbidden in our garden. There are too many other links in the food chain that can be damaged.

  11. I didn't know snails are so romantic :-) When I was small, I saw them a lot in the garden, especially in rainy season. Amazing they stay like that for hours. Fascinating indeed!

  12. you know i love it, i mean i posted raccoon porn a few weeks ago. i love this, had no idea. and wow on the three hours. the coons only did it for 2 hours... never seen anything like this. thanks for the post