Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Bijou garden is bursting at the seams, if things get much bigger we'll have a job to get in the gate.

Above there are bussy lizzies, geraniums, lobelia, everlasting sweet peas and begonia, all blooming away.

Blue Angel clematis is giving its all as it always does, this wonderful plant will go in blooming well into the Autumn.

The pound shop rose, name unknown, is also once again giving us bloom after bloom with no trouble.

This is Compassion, a climber and smells gorgeous, so far we've had about 8 blooms.

Simply the Best is the rose planted to Remember our lovely Kitty but it's struggling this year, the buds seem to be getting stuck.  Any ideas as to why ??

This viola is a first for us and looks lovely as well as smelling wonderful in the evening

 The basket is a lot fuller than when I took this picture but I shall definitely get them next year.

We must be doing something right in the garden as we have attracted this little monkey.  I'm not sure if its a cricket or a grass hopper, any ideas ??

Lastly, Princess wants to give you all a wave....


  1. Your garden is so lush and beautiful. You must think you live in paradise. :) Thanks for your nice comment about our Sierra. I am feeling a little better today and ready to put it behind me. 'Hello, backatcha, Sweety. Hugs, Deb

  2. and she waves just like The Queen.. oh yes~ the flowers are so pretty, the yellow rose is gorgeous. i like all the brilliant colors.

  3. Such a lovely garden!
    Usually people speak of 'one perfect rose'. Well, you seem to have a lot of perfect roses.

    And a perfect Princess!
    She's adorable.

  4. Hello Princess!

    Fantastic flowers Bri, I can smell those roses all the way from Hampshire :-)

    Your insect looks like a cricket to me- Grasshoppers have short antennae, although I couldn't make them out either way in the pic so that's a useful and simple way to tell them apart xx

  5. The violas just stunning. Hi Princess, you are a clever kitty for sure. We have lots of clematis around here, but I have never seen any this color, it is heavenly.

  6. I wish I could smell the roses..they look stunning.I'm waving back at Princess and blowing a kiss...hope she gets it.
    Jane x

  7. It all looks delightful.

  8. Your garden is beautiful. So many pretty flowers.
    I'm waving back at Princess, can she see me :)

  9. Your garden is beautiful. So many pretty flowers.
    I'm waving back at Princess, can she see me :)

  10. Thanks so much for a tour of your flower garden...What a feast for the eyes. I never can get too many flowers. Your flower gardens is gorgeous and I think that your little visitor is a young cricket and came for a closer look.... I love your roses....

    It's so sweet of Princess to wave at us. She must have learned that from our queen. lol.

  11. you garden is a wonderful place to be and the colours are lovely.I love the roses and can imagine how lovely they smell. Yes think it is a cricket, hear them a lot in my garden but rarely spot one.

  12. Those blossoms are so beautiful. Your garden is like a paradise!
    Love the photo of Princess waving :-)

  13. Your garden looks beautiful. Puts mine to shame. Our roses are doing well, but that's partly because I like dead heading. Seeing all your varieties makes me think I should plant more. Princess is adorable.