Friday, 18 July 2014


Here in Brighton and Hove we have the only Green council in the u.k.
They do not excell at everything but one good thing they have done is to introduce wild flowers into the middle of the roads.

As you can see they have been planted with a selection of wild flower seeds so that there is a succession of colour all through the summer, and of course the bees get lucky as well.

And on the seafront an explosion of Poppies instead of the usual annual flowers.

Notice the beautiful Regency houses in the background.  Hard to believe that 1 family used to live in each of these with of course a host of servants.  Today they are all converted into very grand expensive flats.


  1. I love those poppies and wild flowers in open spaces is a great idea. Our local uni has a wild flower patch just outside where I work and I was admiring that on my lunch time walk this week.

  2. What a great idea to make driving less boring. I love it.
    That's a lots of flats all together.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Now that is a sight to gladden the heart. I think other councils are starting to catch on too, which is tremendous :-)

  4. The poppies seem quite apt for this year don't they?

  5. The wild flowers are so Beautiful... Love poppies... Hugs May x x

  6. What a great idea! We have some of our grass verges given over to wild flowers, I love the look of them.


  7. how nice to see all those wild flowers growing along the road.

  8. I adore poppies and never get enough of them, these are beautiful! Putting flowers in the middle of the roads, we do that to! It was started by Betty Ford, our former president's wife, as a beautification project. This is a much better use for the Regency Houses.

  9. I love those poppies and wild flowers what a wonderful way to brighten up the area.

    Hugs Diane

  10. I love seeing wildflowers down the central reservations. The councils near my work have done this too tho' prob for the Commonwealth Games but it is lovely.

    I had been growing the seeds from the BBC Country prog but sadly they died of neglect or more accurately they got irretrievably baked on the couple of days we had strong sun.

  11. Brilliant idea. The builders on our estate left the verges to grow and as our houses were built on waste land there are lots of wildflowers springing up everywhere. They are great for wildlife.I love how the council are doing their bit for the environment.

  12. Looks lovely. I lovely poppies, and am sure this is the year of the poppy. I am hoping to come that way this year to visit a relative of my husband.
    Julie xxxxxx

  13. Beautiful poppies!

    There are drifts of wild flowers around the roads and roundabouts approaching Bournemouth this year.
    Good progress from the councils and a real boost for the pollinators.

  14. how lovely the poppies look and of course will reappear next year and fro years to come.

  15. Good evening and thank you for your visit and lovely comment on my Blog.
    I just love all your great photos. What wonderful displays so colourful, will make driving and walking through the town a pleasure. It is many, many years since I walked through your town.