Tuesday, 15 July 2014


How can we tell if its really hot?
Just take a look at the cats. lol

All laid out trying to keep cool under the fan.
Rowan on the chair,  Rupert on the piano, Polly under the piano stool and Princess in the door way.

And here's somthing I didn't know,  Daddy long legs like cat food....
This one spent some time sucking up teeny bits of jelly from Pollys left overs.


  1. you forgot the kitten in the corner by the books, ceramic i am thinking.. i can tell when it is to warm in the house because the dogs sprawl out and turn upside down, if they are in a circle it means cool or just comfy.. that is the coolest piano i have ever seen. do you have a photo of it uncovered? i thought it was a table and had to look hard to find a piano.

  2. I used to have a cat who sat behind the fan..........he was obviously not a lover of the cool breeze created by it, who knows what goes on in a cats' head? (Do we really want to know lol!).

  3. Yes, I think you forgot one kitty beside the piano with a pile of books. You have so many, it's hard to keep up with them. lol.
    That Daddy Lon Leg spider sure is getting a fine meal. He might just come back later for more.
    Enjoy your week. Hugs,

  4. Well the cats distributed themselves quite nicely throughout the room...lol
    That's pretty interesting about the daddy long legs. Who knew they liked cat food

  5. Oh my goodness!!! We will keep the cat dishes washed up sparkling after seeing this!

  6. The kitties look so graceful - cool cats all! :)

  7. they could not be more stretched out if they tried! Surprised at the daddy long legs, who would have guessed they liked cat food

  8. Who would have ever thought a spider would like cat food!

  9. That's what 'decorating with cats' is all about! You just place them artistically all around the room and you have instant chic. LOL!

    They know where to find the best cool spots on a hot day.