Monday, 28 July 2014


This morning we had the longest thunder storm that I  have ever experienced, it must have gone on for at least 3 hours and is expected back later in the day.
I texted my daughter for a laugh telling her not to be frightened this morning as  I knew she would be on her way to work and she hates thunder storms.
She rang me later to tell me that by the time she got to work she was soaked through, but the worst part was that she had moisturised her feet after a shower that morning and combined with getting soaked through her feet started sliding about in her shoes, by the time she got to work her feet were killing her.
To make matters worse, a bus  went passed and shot a load of water over her from a large puddle, I think you'll understand that she wasn't too happy.
Call me cruel, but I saw the funny side of this (luckily she did too ) and I'm still laughing when I think of it now.


  1. glad you are all ok, i do not like storms, but especially the long ones. usually they are no more than half and hour to and hour, but we did have a long one a few years ago.if that happened to me on the way to work i would have gone home

  2. Oh no! Poor lass. It does sound like one of those moments that are so bad you just have to see the funny side :-) xx

  3. We had one heck of a thunderstorm here last night and again this morning.
    Thankfully I didn't get wet through like your daughter did. Glad she was able to see the humor in it and didn't let it "dampen" her

  4. I don't like thunder storms either since my neighbour's house was hit by lightning years ago and blew out every electrical outlet out of the wall. Very scary.

    I got soaked coming home from the barn today. I was drizzled on earlier and didn't had my raincoat with me so I had to remind myself that I was totally washable, I wouldn't shrink or melt. I kind of enjoyed getting wet like when I was a kid.

    Your poor daughter must have been uncomfortable being at work all wet. Poor thing but laughing is more healthy than getting angry.


  5. What a terrible Mom you are...I'd be doing the same!

  6. At least you are both alright! Sometimes all you can do is laugh at these things and remember they are small things. We had a tornado watch last night. Thankfully, it never came!

  7. I saw the newspapers description of the storm,so I'm relieved that you are OK.Fancy laughing at the wet one...hehehehehehehe.
    Jane x

  8. Oh dear - sounds like you are having some of our weather.

  9. There are times when it pays to "live up north" not a drop of rain never mind a thunder storm. It looked pretty horrific from what I saw on the news, lets hope that is the last of the storms, that`s what we get for having a lovely hot spell

  10. I was surprised when I saw pictures of the storms on the Daily Wail web site. Our storm was in the middle of the night, the days have been fine. Aye, it's grand up north.