Thursday, 14 August 2014


Here's Mummy Polly looking as though butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.
But early this morning, before we were even out of bed, she bought in a baby sparrow.
We heard the cheeping out in the kitchen and shot out of bed ( well, hobbled more like) to find her in the kitchen with it in her mouth, Tom shouted at her and she fled out of the cat flap into the garden closely followed by Tom,  there she dropped it and Tom brought it in.

We placed it in a bowl and rang the local wildlife man who advised us to put it back in the garden.

This was easier said than done as we didn't know where Polly had picked it up.
If you remember, she was a stray and I think she still travels more than the others do.

But as there was nothing else we could do and it didn't seem to be damaged in any way, Tom put it in the next door garden and we got all the cats in and closed the hatch.

The story has a happy ending as Tom noticed a baby sitting on a branch in the tree outside, and a larger Sparrow feeding it, so we're hoping it was the same one. It seems likely.


  1. Our naughty Willow-cat caught [and killed] an indigo bunting last week--I try to accept that this is cat nature, but the buntings are so lovely and rare!

  2. Hope it was the same one. My friend rescued a baby fledgling from a cat a few weeks back, the only one from three eggs she fed it, and looked after it, and it grew into a blackbird, which has now gone to someone who rescues birds, and it will be ready to fly soon.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. so happy it lived... what a way to wake up... if we had a dog door, we might wake up to coons, possums, rats, birds, ducks.. Jake the hunter would be bringing us gifts..

  4. It is the nature of the beast. I have been through this for years with indoor-outdoor cats and it breaks my heart any time I find a victim. I have taken birds more than once to our bird sanctuary to be healed and they did well. Remember...a dog will kill a cat...a cat will kill a bird and so on. But it is very upsetting, I know. I believe the only way around this is to keep them in. Deb

  5. Fully feathered and with a tail and not too gapey as she is she looks like a fledgling rather than a nestling so I expect it was mummy who found her and she'll be fine. xx

  6. Oh that's such a cute sparrow!
    I'm glad the baby seems to be with mom now :-)

  7. My indoor cats have just whooped..."Way to go,Polly!".
    (Jane rolls eyes).
    Jane x

  8. I'm glad the little bird was rescued and that the mom is feeding it. A happy ending...
    Cats are hunters by nature and they respond to their instinct wether we like it or not.


  9. Wow, that was a close call! I am so glad it's mom found it. Polly thought she was bringing you a great gift! Your pictures are so cute!

  10. I'm glad you were able to rescue the little bird.
    It doesn't matter how well fed a cat is, mice and birds are prey to them. It's just their nature.
    But then I think about well fed humans who go hunting and kill creatures they have no intention of eating. And we're supposed to be civilized.

  11. she must have held it very gently in her mouth as no damage done, good you retrieved it, even better that you woke in the first place or your kitchen would not have been a nice sight scattered with bird feathers

  12. Oh no! I do hope it turned out to be okay. Poor little fellow. Cats do what cats are supposed to do. Jingles has eaten quite a few little lizards over the summer. Tiny baby ones that are seemingly easy to chew and swallow. Yuck! :) Best wishes, Tammy

  13. I'm glad the sparrow survived - I have to admit that I'm not a great fan of cats (sorry!!)