Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Things have been a bit fraught around here today with the carpet layers declaring that they were coming this afternoon and insisting that they called to arrange the time, when they DID NOT.....

We therefore found ourselves moving furniture this morning when we thought we had a nice day ahead.
Once the furniture was moved we felt we needed to commune with nature, just to get grounded again and so went for a walk on the Downs to calm down before the men arrived in the afternoon.

I'm glad we did as we spotted two fungi that I have never seen before.

These two dinner plate sized one's were filled in the middle with rain water. I've tried to identify these and I think they may be called 'Ugly Milk Cap'  maybe Countryside Tales will know, find her here http://countrysidetales.blogspot.co.uk

The other fungi was this really pretty little white one and I think this is the 'Collared Parachute' but I may be wrong.

Then just as we were reaching the car park I noticed this slug hanging on by just his tail.

And what was so interesting about this half dead plant I can't think, but the snails obviously found something good here.

Lastly I'll leave you with a picture of Mummy Polly in her new 50p car boot find nest on top of the fridge freezer.
Please don't take offence at the fridge magnets, my son bought them for me. lol


  1. when i got to the cat magnets and Mommy Polly i got a big smile on my face. so cute and i like the magnets.
    that slug is hilarious. and i have never seen more than 1 snail at a time. that stalk if really interesting to me

  2. interesting fungi, must have a walk to the local wood and see if I an spot any. Slugs ugh I detest them, do not often see them put and about in daylight, must have been a party going on there. Mommy Polly looks very much at home in here new bedding, no offense taken love the magnets

  3. Love the magnets, and Polly. Wonderful fungi. Hope the carpet looks nice
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Those fridge magnets made me laugh- it's exactly the sort of thing we'd have here :-) Love mummy Polly on her new nest too. By strange coincidence we're having a new carpet fitted next week, having put it off for years and now the old one has more stains on it than actual carpet. Yuk.
    Not sure about the fungi, I'm trying to learn more about them but the field is vast. This might help:

    CT x

  5. I used to spot 'Collared Parachute' when I was small. They are very pretty indeed!
    Love the kitty bed on freezer. That must be a very comfy spot with a nice view :-)

  6. Not at all upset by the magnets...I see that view all the time.
    Kisses for the furries.
    Jane x

  7. Interesting fungi. I have a book on mushroom identification but no time to look it up today.

    I see a happy kitty on top of the world and the cat magnets are what I see every day, lol. No offence taken.

    It's been wet and the slugs are really thriving.
    Have a great day.

  8. Well, cats love to be high, so that is a good place to put the bed! I love your walk treasures!! Well...maybe not so much the slug. Do you have them?

  9. Yikes, that funghi certainly does look a bit ugly...
    Those magnets are fun ;-). Love your new banner, so sweet! Love from Mirjam.

  10. Love the magnets, they are great. I used to work with a rather sour faced senior chap and we used to describe him as having a mouth like a cats bottom. The bed is gorgeous too. When the furniture config used to allow I had a lovely soft foam mattress on top of the wardrobe for them to lie on and they loved it. Just make sure you've got a little step ladder in case your grinning apparatus takes a walk again and ends up there!

  11. Those are some BIG slugs!

    Love the magnets. I tell my kitties that they are made so perfect that they have no icky parts. (not even around the tail!)

    Mommy Polly looks so sweet in her new bed.

  12. What an amazing snail tree, don't think I want one in my garden though lol.

    Great car boot find x

  13. I gather we are suffering from an invasion of enormous European slugs - they are 6 inches long ...... I think I would have nightmares if I encountered one, as I can't bear slugs!!

  14. I watched the cats last night
    I want to seeit over and over again