Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Yesterday I found this in a charity shop for just 50p.
I didn't know what it was but it looked interesting.

On reading the bits of torn out magazine that came with it, it turns out to be a weaving implement.

Lengths of string are tied to each end of the white sticks and fabric or wool is woven aroung the sticks.  You then move the woven fabric down onto the string and continue with more weaving until you have the length you desire.
They are then sewn together making a rug or bag etc, what ever your mind goes with.

I've never seen one of these before and research online doesn't throw anything up.
Has anyone out there used one of these?


  1. I have never seen that before, it looks interesting though. Have tried it?
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. I've never see it either. Good luck figuring it out. If anyone can it would be you. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Google "weaving sticks" - there are several tutorials including this one: http://www.naturalsuburbia.com/2012/01/creative-friday-stick-weaving-tutorial.html

  4. No, I have never seen anything like that before! I hope that you can figure it out and make some lovely things with it though! xx

  5. I have never seen such a thing! Maybe you could type into Google "types of hand held weavers"? It looks to be really fun!

  6. Hello Briony!

    Sorry, I cannot shed any light on it, but they sure look interesting!

    Let us know if you manage to figure it all out!

    PS: I love your kitty in the basket in the banner! <3

    Have a good week!
    Ingrid xx

  7. Yes, they're weaving sticks or pegs, just like a peg loom without a frame. There's a video on YouTube which is actually an advert for a specific brand (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEYRY3kPvkg) but shows you how to use them. You can make your own quite easily! It's a great way to use up scraps.

  8. I've never seen anything like that before but it looks pretty fun and sounds simple enough

  9. no can`t help this is a new gadget to me. Will wait and see what you make with them no pressure!

  10. No help I'm afraid but I'm sure you'll get 50p worth of entertainment figuring it out and maybe even a gorgeous creation. Love your banner x

  11. I've got a set of these plus a 'Lucet', all in wood, bought from a chap who is often at the craft shows (Hobby craft etc)I think he lives in Wales somewhere. I have used the weaving sticks but, never got around to using the Lucet.

    They are great, using scraps and your creative imagination.
    Have fun!

  12. I have seen these before, but I'm not sure I would have recognized them it a charity shop without the magazine pages. It is like a peg loom. Wonder if it allows you to make tubes as well as flat pieces of work.