Friday, 15 May 2015


This block is going to be dedicated to the Oak Tree in winter, no leaves just the silhouette.
I've chosen green cottons and a bit of gold to lift the background and decided to work all of the seams in gold thread with a bit of shiny green around the gold.
This is unusual for me as green is not my favourite colour but my usual reds and yellows wouldn't work here would they?

 Here's the image I found on the net and I will use this loosely as my stencil.
the surround is a template that Tom cut our for me from plastic and I covered in masking tape, it makes it easier to see how the end block will look.

And here is the  roughly stitched  base for the tree
not sure if I will try a bit of felting for the trunk as I have recently purchased a felting machine.

close up of a few of the stitched patches.

And finally a picture of Polly having fun with a cleaning cloth that has just been beached.


  1. I always love to see the making of crazy quilts. Nice tree too :)

  2. the Cat Stole The Show... MOL MOL and that quilted piece is a work of art and will be gorgeous... i love the colors

  3. I love your crazy quilting. So pretty! I still have a block I never finished. Wish I could come sit with you for a while. I definitely would be inspired to complete it if I had you to urge me on. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. I so enjoy seeing your crazy quilting; very inspirational as well as beautiful

    Looking forward to seeing how you get with your felting machine

  5. What a pretty block this is going to be. I'm fascinated by all the different stitches you use for this.
    Polly seems to be enjoying herself

  6. It is beautiful! I love everything about it! Polly is so pretty!

  7. this is working so well, good bit of crazyness, so you have an embellishing machine, trust you make more use of it than I do mine, lots of fabric I have made but then stick as to what to do with it!