Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Bijou garden has had a bit of a makeover, I'm not sure why we haven't thought of doing this before but we decided to create a sqaure of soil in which to plant a tree and a few perennials.
Willow is back to her old self again after the urine infection, and thanks to all of you who wished her well, it is appreciated. As you can see she has got herself into the picture.
We marked our roughly the size we wanted and Tom made a start breaking up the concrete,  Well, he did try but at 75 the muscles and strength are just not as they were and we would probably have got the job done about Christmas, that is if he wasn't hospitalized. lol

So we mentioned it to the Polish foreman next door on the (still going on) conversion and he said he would send in a man with the right tools to get the job done.
Here you can see Tom practicing for the OAP olympics, lol and the line marked out.  Then they drilled the concrete out and laid a small wall for us.
I think they felt we had suffered enough and it was a way to compensate for all the dirt and distress we've been putting up with. 

 We chose a Rowan tree  and of course there was a photo bomber as always.

And yet another photo bomber, and a few perennials planted.
We have a few more to buy but we're really pleased with it.


  1. Looks lovely,, no garden of any size here. I live in a flat! 😊

  2. how wonderful of them to do that for you... and what a great idea.. i love your flagstone and the blue gate and table.... also love the photo bombers... i usually have a tale in most of my photos that has to be cloned out

  3. Great idea, it looks so lovely!

  4. So pleased Willow is better. Your garden makeover is great and will give you a lot of pleasure, I'm sure.
    Best wishes

  5. It looks brilliant. What a difference and what helpful neighbours.

  6. how nice of them to do that for you and it looks great.

  7. a lovely piece of garden and so good to have such a good builder next door to break up the concrete

  8. That is a lovely little patch
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  9. Glad to hear that Willow is doing so much better. The new flower bed looks lovely and will add a lot of colour to the area. How nice of the builders to do this, a good compensation for you! xx

  10. A Rowan is said to keep witches away and according to legend as it was believed to hold powers that counteracted the effect of negative energies.
    Your garden will soon be looking very pretty and cosy. I wish mine was smaller.

  11. The makeover looks beautiful. It must be garden makeover time of year as we have just done ours. Glad Willow is feeling better.