Friday, 4 December 2015


Lots of sunshine here today thank goodness, I was getting a bit fed up with the gloom.  Mind you I really shouldn't complain.  My eldest son has just called from Scotland where he lives and the weather there is atrocious, so cold and wet, how he manages to remain cheerful is beyond me.

Last night we watched the new Tom Hanks film, Bridge of Spies, if you like this kind of film I recommend it.

Its the story of a Lawyer who helps in the exchange of a Russian and American spies, the American being Gary Powers.  It kept me watching until the end and that's saying something as I don't stay watching films unless they grip me.

Also last night I cooked a new dish for me,  Stir fry brussel sprouts, so delicious.
I stir fried some garlic and onions then added some chopped bacon before stirring in sliced brussels,  then I mixed it into some cooked rice, really tasty.

And here's the proof of the lovely sunshine.
Princess lapping it up with an unusual kind face on. lol


  1. thanks for the tip on the brussels, we love them. i would like to see the Bridge of spies. i love spy movies and also love Tom hanks

  2. Hey, you're on a roll with posting. :) I had roasted brussel spouts with mashed potatoes for lunch. So yummy! My mom moved from Ohio up North to Mississippi in the South to get away from the snow but she said it's been so wet and gray every day that she's starting to feel depressed. Kitties definitely know where to find the warm spots. For Jingles, it's right next to me lately, so everything I crochet has cat hair in it. :/

  3. I'm not a fan of brussel sprouts but that sounds like a very good way of cooking them.

  4. I've always liked Tom Hanks and I don't think I've ever seen one of his movies that I didn't like.
    The stir fry sounds good.

  5. Stir fried Brussels sound different I might it a go!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  6. I don't like sprouts but I have seen a recipe where they are shredded so I thought I might give that ago. Your stir fry ones do sound nice x