Saturday, 5 December 2015


Mr T is at it again with the crochet hook, he's making a little dog.
The last thing he made were the cushion covers back in June 2013, 
Can't believe it was that long ago..

I don't know if you remember these?
In between he's been doing his tapestry and jiggy's  but he's decided to start a bit of crochet again and has chosen a little dog.

I'm sure our youngest grand daughter will like it and won't mind if its a bit wonky as it's his first attempt a a figure.

Here's the body, head and a couple of legs

And here's my man saying hello...

And here's his manly camouflage scissors. lol
Will post when it's finished.


  1. What a great picture of Tom! Love those manly scissors!
    His pillow covers are so nice. I was going to say 'pretty' but I guess for a guy, 'handsome' is more appropriate.
    I think it's really great that he enjoys handwork.s Better than sitting around and doing nothing but watching TV.

    Need to comment on a few other of your recent posts.
    Your scrumble picture is looking really nice. Really cheerful in this cold weather.
    The socks of many colors will be fun to wear.
    And yes, Princess is looking cute. The sun must be putting her in a good mood.

    The Holidays are almost upon us. Try to stay stress free. If you ignore it long enough it will be over!

  2. hello talented man with macho scissors. great job on the pillows and can't wait to see the pup.. it is healthy to have indoor hobbies to keep our minds busy

  3. I have a lovely friend called Bert. He is 83 and a fabulous knitter. It is great to see another man that is able to create lovely things. Well done... xxx

  4. Well done him!! Love his camo-snips too :)

  5. Hello Mr T they are very manly scissors indeed! I do believe a great uncle of mine used to crochet, pity any of his makes weren't passed down x

  6. Excellent! Good for Tom x

  7. Wish we could get some men like Tom in our Crafty Club, he looks such good fun. Go Tom, brilliant.

  8. Love the scissors Tom! I am teaching myself to crochet using Youtube!

  9. that is a great dog foe little ones so colourful good on you Mr T

  10. How lovely that he is crafting along too

  11. Wow! that's nice, someone to craft with
    Julie xxxxxxx

  12. What a cute dog that is. Can't wait to see when it's finished.

  13. That will make a wonderful toy. I do like those camo scissors!

  14. Fantastic! The pillows are great. I love that he crafts! I'm sure the crocheted pup is gonna be fabulous!