Sunday, 6 December 2015


In December last year I started a new scrumble picture in the shape of a heart, I called it 'Winter Heart'.

Here it is in it's early stages.
Well, I did finish it and it is ready to hang on the wall.

Here it is looking really cold and wintery.
Below are a few close ups to see more of the various shapes and stitches used.

I'll be putting these pictures and in time others on my new blog
I'm hoping that I can inspire others to take up scrumbling as its so easy and absorbing.


  1. That is beautiful!!!
    I can't believe you do that all in a free-form manner. I could never put something like that together without a lot of stressing and drawing it out first.
    I am so impressed!
    Great work. You are so creative!

  2. Your work is beautiful. I wouldn't know where to start, I only know basic crochet. Looks like you make all the parts separately and arrange them on your outline. Do you stitch them to each other or to the backing, or both? Do you use cotton to sew them on, or wool?

  3. WOW! This is beautiful, One day I will make up mine own personal blogger award and you would be receiving it. love it!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I had never heard of scrumble art before reading your blog. All the different stitches and textures make the piece so interesting. You are very creative and do such lovely work. You can be very proud of your efforts! Cheers, Nanny Anny in Canada

  5. an absolute delight, so beautiful. It will be lovely to see how these scrumbles develop and yes would love a go so will be checking in on the new blog for instructions

  6. this is very pretty. The colors are a perfect match for winter. I'm like Nanny Anny. I never heard of scrumble art before I saw it here. It's fascinating and so pretty

  7. Your heart turned out beautiful and pretty amazing. I love those little blue leaves. Just beautiful work. You have a great understanding on how to create beautiful patterns.

  8. Such wonderful texture! I really like your Winter heart.

  9. This is beautiful. I have never heard of scrumbles before so need to do a bit of research.

  10. Wow! what gorgeous crochet
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  11. I've never heard of scrumbling before, it's so beautiful xx

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