Wednesday, 6 July 2016


The pesky  birds are not giving up, they are still insisting that I should throw something out.

I researched online and came up with a few solutions to scaring them off.

This is option one and at the moment it seems to be working, they are sitting on the next door roof looking all steely eyed at us but not coming down.

 Apparently they don't like shiny moving things and old CD's are supposed to work.
At the moment I wouldn't care if it were a new Adele cd that I had to use, these birds have got to go....

One on a cane on the shed, and a line of them on the wall. 
Now lets wait and see.

Just sitting here waiting for the Gas man to arrive, we have a gas leak.
I thought that I could smell gas at the bottom of the stairs and so while the boiler man was here I asked him to check for us.  Sure enough, we had one.  Not bad, but enough to smell.

Seems it might take about 2 hours for them to get here, meanwhile we have no gas.


  1. I hope the C.D.'s continue to work! Maybe they will find somewhere they can get more food, like McDonalds. You have really done it good, and strung up a lot. Your blue door is gorgeous!!! Hope your gas leak is something simple and fast!

  2. You are sensible to try moving them now. Our son's friend lives on North West Kent coast and he had a pair on his bungalow roof. Interesting to start with - then they built a nest - and dive bombed them every time they came outside! Even the postman was scared to call.

  3. good to see the CDs are scaring them hopefully they will find another garden to invade. Good you noticed the gas smell by now hopefully it is back on and working okay

  4. Glad too hear those CD's are keeping the birds away. Hopefully it will encourage them to find another hangout.
    Good thing you noticed that gas smell before it got too bad.

  5. i hope the gas turned off is keeping you safe, gas leaks are scary.. will be waiting to hear if these cd's work. i have seen aluminum pie plates done this way in gardens and out at the beach homes.

  6. Any size leak is too big! I hope those seagulls are suitably subdued.