Tuesday, 20 September 2016


There's nothing quite so irresistible as a cloth that's just been bleached.

All patiently waiting for Mummy Polly to finish with the newly bleached cloth.
Funny how they love the smell so much.

Mine, all mine meow,meow... with an innocent look.

Next up was Rowan (sorry about the fuzzy pic) but not until Polly had made dirty marks with her muddy feet.
The others took their turn.

Pity I can't train them to push it around the floor, would save me washing it. lol

As for the whisker problem yesterday, you may all be correct in thinking that it is broken,
I shall observe from now on any new whisker activity.


  1. I have a question. do you love black and white cats? MOL MOL... they all look so sweet and I vote for training them to clean with that cloth.

  2. Is there catnip in that bleach???

    I still think your kitchen floor is the most delightful that I've ever seen. It is so cheerful and fun that it makes me smile.

  3. I can't say that I share their love of the scent of bleach but to each his own....lol I've often told the dog he should learn to do the household chores while I'm at work. Then we would have more time to play.

  4. I LOVE this floor! Does each piece come off? That is brilliant, so you can only wash the piece that is dirty.It must be so easy to clean! They really love the scent of bleach? Perhaps yours is catnip scented!!!

  5. I like the idea of getting the cats to clean the floor!

  6. Oh my goodness .... I just love the floor! Such a fun design!

  7. I wonder if you can ever get things done with your adorable cats keeping you entertained all day. Love the floor too it would cheer up the dullest day