Friday, 16 September 2016



On Sunday we went to the usual car boot and I found a Cat Mate water fountain still in the box.  The lady told me that her cat would not use it but as we have 5 and Rupert likes to drink from the tap I thought we'd give it a go.  It was only £2.00 and a bargain even if they don't use it.

As they all traverse the draining board at some point in the day we thought we'd place it in the corner.
Looks very inviting to me but then I'm not a pernickety cat.

Rupert was the first to investigate but only gave it a cursory sniff and then proceeded to stand in the sink.

Somehow I think it will go back into the box and I'll move it on don't you?


  1. Madi Mom has her fountain on the floor by the food dish and Madi loves it. maybe try it in other places. and then pass it on...

  2. I'd put it somewhere they least expect to find it. Just the shock of finding it may perk their interest. lol

  3. My Heidi lives on the kitchen worktop next to the sink. I leave an inch or two of water in the bowl so she can drink from it.

  4. Oh goodness, I wonder how many times it will be passed on before a cat really likes it? Perhaps the designer wasn't as much of a cat person as they should've been.

  5. We have one and the kitties love it. It's on the countertop right next to the sink, since the cats all hang out on the counter and the kitchen table right next to it.
    Give it some time. They have to make a decision and of course cat decisions can take a while.
    Ours didn't go for it right away. But now they use it all the time.

  6. I had a similar water dispenser some years ago. It took awhile for the cats to accept it. One dear fellow loved to smack at the surface of the water to see it splash--and since there was a considerable supply in the jug he could continue until he had made quite a mess!

  7. maybe it will just take a little getting used to.