Friday, 30 December 2016


Just before Christmas we bought a lovely Amaryllis plant from Lidl complete in glass vase.
It is just coming into flower and Tom remarked that there was a stamen missing.   This remark set something off in my head and I realised that they are probably a kind of lilly.
On looking this up  it appears that they are toxic to cats and so my lovely  plant has now gone to a new home.
Just thought I'd post this as it never occured to me that it was a lilly when I bought it.

I seem to have attracted another stray cat to the fold, this black and white cat is coming regularly each night for a top up, he started by eating athe dog food put out for the fox and so I am now buying cat food for him and he seems to prefer that. The reason I think that he is a stray is that he eats so much in one sitting and comes in all weathers, also you cannot get near to him.  He looks to be in fairly good shape and his coat is good so I shall keep an eye on him

As soon as he has gone the fox comes in.  Notice that the fox does not come in until the cat has finished, this challenges the theory some people have that foxes take cats.
I have noticed this before that foxes are very wary of getting too close to cats.

And then there's the watchers in the kitchen window watching the coming and going of the night time regulars.
Every now and then we hear a low growl from one or the other of


  1. I probably wouldn't have given it much thought about the plant being dangerous. With dogs you don't have to worry too much since they don't climb up like cats do.

  2. Interesting that the foxes live so close to town. When we lived in Wyoming all manner of wild creatures were apt to turn up in town.
    I've had amaryllis every winter--oddly enough, my cats haven't been interested in nibbling. I've been keeping a close watch on my gifted poinsettia as I know those can cause illness in cats.
    Bless you for feeding the strays--they are always with us.

  3. I have banned lilies (much as I like them) from my garden for that very reason. I was given a poinsettia for Christmas and a friend told me they are also poisonous for cats - she said it was the leaves, mainly. The plant has gone to a new home too.Better safe than sorry!
    A cat has started coming to our front door (and we foolishly started feeding it - oops) but it is in good condition and we think its owner must boot it out in the morning, leaving it out all day. (We assume they don't have a cat flap). It always seems to wolf the food and perhaps we should call it 'Six Dinner Sid', after the cat in the story! I think we have made a rod for our own backs now...
    Have a lovely New Year
    Best wishes

  4. I love watching the watchers.. to cute and wow on the fox. he is beautiful and I would not have thought of the lily thing either. plants are dangerous to may pets and to wildlife. I saw a photo of 4 dead bears yesterday, the mama and her 3 cubs. they filled up on English Yew, the leaves and berries. it killed them where they were eating.

  5. You are right about your flower! So glad you thought of this before something bad happened! We can also never have poinsettia plants, they are poison to cats as well. Aw, such a sweet little fox! And I bet the new cat is feral, poor hungry kitty. Your food may be the only good meal he gets.

  6. I have now got a trio of neighbours cats congregating around my back door waiting for me to open it. They are hoping for food, sometimes they get some, sometimes they don't.

  7. Had no idea about lilies etc will warn Helen as she has just given a home to 2 lovely rescue cats.
    Good to see the stray cat has found you, kopefully he will gradually come round to letting you get to know him The fox that used to visit here seeems to have disappeared mind you there is no one keeping chickens at the moment so that might be why he has gone to pastures new.

  8. Yes, we ban most flowers and plants in our house due to our cats nibbling. If we do get flowers from someone (for a birthday or anniversary), they have to be locked away in one of the bathrooms... but that's life with cats. They do make us smile quite a bit, laugh on occasion, and are a comforting lot.

  9. That is so funny that your kitties are watching the outside critters from the window. So nice of you to feed the fox. Most people would want to do anything to get rid of it. Kitties know where to go to be taken care of. I call to the street cats when I am out so that they know I've put food for them. I take food on my walks and always have some in my car. So, so, so very many abandoned animals in this country which has created a huge feral problem. A blog friend just posted that her kitties had knocked her amaryllis over. I wonder if they were trying to eat it?

  10. Better safe than sorry where pets are concerned. I've heard of people cutting lily stamens out, but I suspect it doesn't eliminate the attraction to cats. Interesting about the fox avoiding the cat. I wonder if it depends on the two animals. Anyway. Happy New year to you all.

  11. It seems there are so many stray cats everywhere! The last cat we had passed away two years ago and I still don't think to buy flowers. So many years of never being able to have them in the house whether they were poisonous or would just be destroyed by the kitties.
    Have a Happy New Year!