Sunday, 4 December 2016


Today was a beautiful dry sunny day and we decided to visit a garden centre a few miles north.
We wandered around at all of the goodies and then took a stroll around the outside in the covered area that holds the trees and shrubs.
Imagine our delight to hear the song of the Robin and lo and behold he decided to land on a post just in front of us.
Tom took out his iphone and managed to get this lovely little video of him.
It really made our day and I hope it does yours.


Sorry about the quality of the video but this is a first for me, it looked so clear  but isn't on here is it? and the black lines each side are not good.
I would be glad of any tips to make the next video better.


  1. I don't care about the quality of the video, I just love seeing this fat little robin sing! He is quite fluffed out to keep warm. Such a sweet sweet song. I think all of ours have flown the coop, so to speak. Thanks for this great Sunday treat.

  2. What a brilliant moment.

  3. he sure is happy, and what a beautiful song he sung. turn the phone sideways and the black lines will be gone, be sure to keep the rec button on your right, because I read on a blog today, if you are left handed and use it that way it turns them upside down. I am right so did not know that.

  4. Do you have robins all year round in the UK? He sure is a cute little guy.
    Here in the north east of the US the robins are gone until next spring. Boo-hoo!
    Thanks for that little bit of happiness in a cold winter day.

  5. gotta love moments like these

  6. Thank you for sharing - that was wonderful - we don't have robins here.

  7. They have SUCH a distinctive song! I can always tell when it's a robin! Thank you for sharing!

  8. wonderful movie very fun to see!

  9. how lucky you were to catch this moment, we have a robin that visits the garden but I do not think I have ever heard one sing before truly a lovely moment you shared with us today

  10. I can't believe that little robin just sat there and sang for you. So sweet!