Thursday, 9 February 2017


We are both suffering from the lurgy that seems to have affected everyone known to man.  Coughing and coughing and no end in sight.

What is the solution for this?

Lots of mindless tv watching, in particular box sets, I can't raise enough energy to sew or crochet, just want to lounge so these are the perfect time wasters.We have got right up to date with Game of Thrones and are now rewatching The Sopranos.

Tom, Grandson bought the set for us a few years ago and it is coming back fresh.
So, until things are back to normal blogging is on the back burner.


  1. So sorry to hear you and Tom are not feeling well. Hope you are keeping warm and drinking lots of hot tea while you watch the shows. I don't know if you get any of our weekly programs over there but if you do, a really good one right now is 'This Is Us'. It's a nice family story, unlike so much of our TV now days. It can also be downloaded (for a price) from Amazon.

    Are the kitties helping to nurse you back to health? Though knowing cats, they would probably lay on your chest when you are having trouble breathing and look into your face and smile. They mean well!

  2. Hope you feel better soon.I have had the lurgy but thankfully not the cough.I could not believe how tired I was.It went on for days.Barbarax

  3. I am so sorry! This is just miserable. I hope at least you can sleep at night! I want to see Game Of Thrones so much! But I think it is on HBO, which we do not get. Are the DVD's worth buying?

  4. I know I know we had to sleep in recliners at night and a couple nights had to just lean forward. The sad thing is that it goes away very slowly tomatoes make me feel better :) I hope you are all doing better soon take care!

  5. sorry to read you are so poorly, this bug seems to be effecting so mnay fortunately it passed me by. Lots of tv watching, have you seen the new sew quarterly channel freeview 78 on 8 till 12 every morning quite good as they de projects though if you have sky or similar it is not available makes a change for freeview to have something they do not have

  6. Tell us about it. The lurgy I mean. We did the Sopranos as well - and the West Wing