Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Here they are all lined up and in place for movement in the back garden,  Rowan is the watch and no doubt if there is the slightest sound the others will turn around to check it out.
No worries the others are close by.

I really do hate these Webbox boxes on the table , they come filled with dog rolls that I put out for the foxes but they all love their turn in them and I haven't got the heart to get rid of them.
As soon as they get tatty I replace with a new box.
Who's ruling the roost in this house do you think?

By the way, the freesias were a gift from my Grandson at the weekend, he came down for my Birthday and left my pressie on his bed, these were to placate me.
I'm keeping a watch on the post as he has posted it, might be here today. 


  1. Cute. Funny how they like boxes.

  2. There is a box for every one! They are adorable!

  3. All the cats we've ever been owned by (!) have loved boxes and bags. It reminds me of the children's book 'My Cat likes to hide in boxes' by Eve Sutton, which, in a previous job as a teaching assistant, I used to love sharing with the children - and they loved it too, especially as we did all the accents! I still love that book.
    Best wishes

  4. I love your tuxedo cats. How many cats own you? They must all be from the same litter.

    We have 13 plus 4 visitors from neighbors.

    1. Hi JR. We have five and 1 tuxedo caller. We took in Polly and she gave us the other 4. Yes all from the same litter. The caller comes at precisely 11p.m. each evening and waits by the hatch in the back gate peering through waiting for Tom to go down with the fox food and his/her bowl of soft and biscuits, Tom gives her/him his tickle and he tucks in, I have no idea if it is stray or just an opportunist but we love him / her just the same. Last night though it had a bit of a scuffle with the fox who I think is pregnant and filling up in readiness for her cubs. All was okay though.

  5. I say who cares about the boxes! Your kitties use them and they make them happy. That's what matters.

  6. Precious cats. We have canvas totes sitting all around because our cats love jumping into them so much! Love CATS!!!

  7. Well, I think you had might as well give up, and put comfy folded towels in the boxes! I am even WORSE. I was moving a large ottoman to the basement, because it is too big for the living room. I paused midway. And THAT was when they both jumped and laid on it. They now stay on it most of the time, and fight over it at times. SO here it still sits, I haven't the heart to continue it's trip to the basement. Cats will get at your heart, they are like that. Without so much as a meow. It's those big eyes.

  8. Hey this is Carollyn again and I think you could totally make this bulb with embroidery techniques which you are so talented at!

  9. I think you are quite lucky that the cats allow you to share their

  10. I wonder why all cats love boxes they look so content. Belated happy birthday, the fressias are lovely they were Mum`s favourite flowers