Tuesday, 11 April 2017


On top of one of the wardrobes in our bedroom are arranged 3 cat carriers, two wicker and 1 fabric.
The fabric one will hold 2 cats and the larger wicker will also hold 2 cats, the smaller one is okay for a single cat.
These are used for the vets but also ready at a moments notice in emergencies.
I have always had a fear of something happening and not being able to get the cats out, this way I'm hoping we're covered.
Recently both Rupert and Princess have taken to sitting in the middle fabric carrier and at one time we thought we had lost Rupert.  We called and called, looked in all of the obvious places, under the divan beds (a favourite place) in the nooks and crannies and all of the time he was in the fabric container.  If he gets right to the back of it he is invisible, lol
Not funny at the time.

Princess on the other hand prefers to be on show, or rather likes to observe all of the goings on.

You've probably guessed that the first place we check now if Rupert doesn't come running is the back of the carrier.


  1. Cats always know the best hidinb spots

  2. Cats do love their hiding places! I remember one time we thought we had lost ours, but he was hiding in the house. Being as your carriers are up kind of high, and have soft blankets inside, these are the perfect comfy hideout to watch all things below. And now they won't be afraid to get inside for vet trips!

  3. I to suffer from fear of fire or emergency exits.. we have a leash in the kitchen, and one in the bedroom in case we had to go out a window. Jake loves his crate. he never has to go in it, and has not for years, but he likes to sleep in it and when we leave he walks down the hall and gets in it, of course the doors are left open, and when we come home he is on the sofa... we need a mini cam to see what he does.

  4. Our remaining cat Sith sees the cat box which = vets. WE HAVE TO MAKE SURE ALL CAT FLAPS ARE SHUT. Although once at the vets they cant listen to his heart/chest as he purrs so loudly.

  5. The purr fact hang out spot!

  6. Cats like to sit up high so that's a great place for them to retreat to. Jingles used to break all kinds of stuff jumping up on our wardrobes. Several times, we thought she was lost, or had gotten out. I'd go around the block looking for her. Don't know why I did that as she is such a scaredy cat, she would never wander or leave the front door if she got locked out accidentally. Anyways, there's an Ikea cardboard storage box on top of the cupboard, and somehow she managed to wiggle under the lid with it dropping back firmly in place while she slept peacefully in the box. Crazy cat!

    I'm glad to hear you are making hearts and dropping them around town. :)

  7. looking very content in the basket, cats seem to love being high up, Helen`s cat gets on top of the kitchen cupboard like you she was in a panic when she could not find him

  8. Oh Lady, you and us too! That's why we have 2 trucks. A 4 horse and a 3 horse trailer for 7 horses. Just in case, we needed evac. Sounds crazy, but I could not drive off and know my horses were in harms way.

    Same with our dogs. All are in pens. We could get them. 7 cats are out in their cat pens under the covered shed. 2 inside cats. Only problem would be the 3 barn/yard cats. 2 are usually in the yard or pasture. One goes somewhere behind my neighbors house toward his pasture, but she comes a running at supper time.

    We've had a kitty escape out of the house one time. It was terrifying until we found her a few hours later. Since then when one finds a hidey hole it drives me insane until I find them.