Tuesday, 25 April 2017


A reader asked me if I could post a picture of the car boot we go to so here it is.

Photo taken while we were sitting having a half way break.  Once we would have been all round and walked  around again but no longer, the poor old legs and back won't allow it, lol

I didn't find a lot this week but craft and sewing items are very scarce.  Often when I ask if they have any sewing items they laugh as though I'm asking for the moon.  It seems that not that many folks do crafts any more, especially sewing.
I did pick up 2 boxes of quilling items though, £2.00 for the 2 boxes meant that I couldn't leave them there even if I never do it again.   I did quilling a few years ago and who knows I might get back to it. 
Anyway, I had fun going through the boxes.  On show is only part of what's in there.

Also bought these 2 brooches for my patchwork.  the oval one is painted on mother of pearl shell.  The pin is broken but that doesn't matter.  again £2.00 for the two.

Progress is a bit slow on the purse but as you can see I have embroidered and beaded the paisley motif and am quite pleased with it. 
Jigsaws have found their way back onto the table and its fatal as nothing else gets done, lol

With the template around it, (old cereal box,) you can get an idea of what it will be like.
I tried to get a close up of the paisley but the purple background didn't want to co operate.

2 car boots this weekend as it's a holiday, Sunday and Monday so keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will be fine.


  1. The brooches are really lovely, especially the blue fan. I've never done quilling. I think it's too late to start. Ha-ha!
    Like the shape of your purse and the paisley is really pretty. Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of it.

  2. I love your wonderful finds and you did great, your quilts are like snowflakes, no two alike💟

  3. I could not walk around it twice either, but used to. we had one like this in St Pete when we lived there, but none here. maybe the reason there is no sewing stuff for sale is people keep it and don't sell it.

  4. Love that beaded paisley motif! The carboot sale looks like great fun, even if you don't find anything you want.

  5. Hi Briony, your car boot sales are similar to our "yard sales". Looks like you found a few treasures.
    Love the colours of your new purse, so pretty.

  6. YEAH! I love seeing this car boot! I have never seen one, and son't know if we even have any in the area! The only thing even close around here is Trunk Or Treat at Halloween. The blue pin looks more peacock than Celtic. But your paisley, oh my GOSH!!! Your talents are amazing. Such fine, small, and gorgeous work!! You could make a fortune selling these on Etsy or somewhere else.

  7. I would love to go to one of those car boots. I always enjoy that kind of thing. The new purse is coming along nicely

  8. good buys at the car boot sale loving the oval broach. Purse is coming along well, trying to picture you doing jigsaws with the cats about do they not want to help or hinder? and when you back is turned I can imagine the fun they would have with those little pieces

  9. Thank you! I wanted to see the boot sale. Love the oriental pin. Who cares if the pin is missing. Great finds.

  10. I so need a good car boot sale both to sell and buy , but funds have been dire this month so im barely allowed out of the house to work or buy...lol ...next week its a wee bit better so be prepared for biblical floods hailstones and plagues of frogs just to stop me buying anything...lol