Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Cooler now.

Thank goodness the hot weather has gone at last, 2 weeks of sweltering heat did nothing for both of us.  Neither of us are any good when it is that hot and there was lots of flopping about.
Today its perfect and the cats say so as well, they dislike the heat as much as we do.

Finally they get to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air.
Rupert and Princess watching Mummy Polly down below.

The Bijou garden is overflowing at the moment and we have had some lovely blooms this year.

 The jasmine (on the left) that climbs up the stairs has been the best ever and in the evening th scent is gorgeous.

 The crazy embellished patchwork heart is now framed and on the wall and a new project of another glasses purse in on the go, I'll show this in the next post.

Hopefully I can now get back to more regular posts.

Oh, and Polly is fine, she is on new food for intestinal problems and seems to be happy enough, no weight loss and playing again.  Phew  !!!!!


  1. Thank you for your comments today. Glad to know Polly is doing well and nice to see you have resumed posting. I'm with you on the sweltering heat although where I live there is no let up during the summer and into the Fall. Your garden is pretty despite the heat.

  2. So glad Polly is doing well. We've had a few issues with Penny lately and she is on a new food also.
    Your garden is THRIVING! It looks so nice and peaceful. It must be relaxing to sit out there and enjoy all the flowers.
    Zip and do not do well in hot weather either. With an old hard-to-heat house, there is no sense in trying to cool it with AC either. We do have a lot of fans going most of the time.
    Your heart embroidery is lovely!

  3. Glad to hear that Polly is on the mend!,And your garden looks beautiful.I was down your neck of the woods for 3 days,returning in the early hours today.Weather was lovely wasnt it,with a nice warm breeze as we went along the seafront.Although,when it started raining yesterday afternoon,i didnt mind to much cause we were leaving in the evening and Weatherspoons is always a convinient place to shelter!!Best Wishes,Debi,Leic,x

  4. Love the patchwork heart and pleased Polly is on the mend.

  5. This isa post full of happy. Cooler weather, a healthier Polly and a pretty patchwork heart.

  6. So glad Polly is alright! Your photos have some of the most unique angles! Your garden is gorgeous! I especially love the blue door and chair, it is all so inviting. Your heart is beautiful!

  7. good to read all is well with Polly. It must feel much hotter to cats with all the fur/hair, Helen`s cats did not seem to bother but maybe because she has had a cat flap fitted and they love using it but seem to think a mouse or bird should come back with them for her! She says they are bringing presents as a thankyou for their little door.
    Garden looks delightful a bench to sit on and watch the time go by and also the antics of the cats to watch
    The heart is a real beauty and looks lovely framed on the wall.

  8. Wow, I don't stop by for a while and look what you have done I had to look back at all your detail of this beautiful heart :) I love it!!!! And your garden and all the the summer beautiful green also love the cats at first picture they look like centennials that protect this magical place!

  9. What a lovely garden space!!! So good to read Polly is doing well. Love your patchwork heart.


  10. I was thinking the word "over flowing" when I saw the 1st picture of your garden. Jasmine is my husband's favorite smell in the yard. He walks around like a blood hound sniffing the air when it's blooming. I'm so glad Polly is doing good. The patchwork heart is BEAUTIFUL! I was worried about y'all since you had not been posting. Glad things are okay. Take care.

  11. Your framed heart is splendid! Your garden looks wonderfully lush, heat or no.

  12. I'm in the states right now but I heard it's been hot in England! Glad the weather broke and it's cooler. Your garden looks beautiful!

  13. Our four cats are usually found in the shade under our fruit bushes when it is as hot as it has been today in Sussex. What a beautiful heart. I can't stop looking at it ! Creativity at it's best

  14. Love the patchwork heart and pleased Polly is on the mend.