Thursday, 14 June 2018


Yesterday I spent most of the morning finishing the Shi Sha page for my journal.
It's turned out to be a really bling page, all shiny and glittery, just how I like it. lol

Who wants dull in this world with all the doom and gloom, I don't.
This page will back onto the Goldfinch page so now I just have to sew the two together.
I managed to use loads of the beads from the belly dancing thingy on this so my 50p has been well spent.

I'm still cogitating on how to fix the whole lot together into a book and am thinking that I may make eyelets on the edge and put them into one of those folders, or not, we'll see
Something will come to me it usually does.
I could cover the folder with my own fabric design.

Just waiting for the cat food to be delivered and then out for a naughty burger, haven't had one for ages.


  1. A naughty burger? Oh you naughty thing! You know you should be having wilted lettuce and half a grapefruit!

  2. I love that. Shisha - a new one on me. But just love it.

  3. I know you will figure out just the perfect finish for this. you always do. such beautiful work

  4. I wanted to see what was on the table in your new craft room, you were teasing us 😃 this is beautiful🍃🌻🍃

  5. Wow, great piece! A lot of work went into it.

    What's a 'naughty' burger? Sounds like it must be loaded. ;-) Did you have fries or chips to go with it?

    Happy crafting ~ FlowerLady

  6. I should have posted this on your blog last night instead of an "answer" on mine.

    I was thinking of my neck as well. I will get Doug to look at making something when he gets a chance.
    Isn't the internet wonderful. When I came to New Zealand in 1965 it would have taken 2 - 3 weeks to write to my parents in Worthing and get a reply. Now it is instantaneous.

  7. Beautiful! That turned out really well! Naughty burger quite deserved, I'd say. :)

  8. That is absolutley beautiful.

  9. That looks lovely...I think I have some belly dancing doo dads in my stash somewhere. I bet I can't find them though

  10. Very pretty...Enjoy your naughty burger!

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