Tuesday, 13 August 2019


Our daughter works full time, some at home and a couple of days in the office.
When she is in the office Bo goes to 'Little Bones' a doggy play group for small dogs.
He loves it and can't wait to get stuck in once he's out of the car and inside the house.
The man running this is all geared up in every respect and loves all of the dogs.
He regularly sends photos and videos of Bo while in his care and here's the latest.

They are all obviously worn out from the garden to which they have access all of the time.  The little ramp is to enable the Sausage dogs to get up onto the sofa with the others.

He sent the photo to my daughter with the caption
'I'll have to sit on the floor'  

Bo is the one on the end near the ramp.
Take a look at the website


  1. This looks like an excellent place and the rates seem quite reasonable too. You can sense that the owner of the business truly loves dogs. What a sweet photo! Looks like home away from home!

  2. It is so hard to find places like this. It is wonderful, this man is a real dog lover! Once instance where you actually can buy peace of mind.

  3. they all look sooooo happy and what a great way to earn a living, dog sitting!!! i will keep this in mind if i ever have need for extra cash... nice web site... this is a good way to get to love dogs all day and not have the expense of owning dogs. plus it keeps these sweeties from staying home alone all day

  4. How lovely, a pile of happy tired dogs.

  5. He must be excellent with dogs. They all look quite content. What a nice place for Bo to go instead of being left home alone. Too bad there wasn't some place like that for Gibbs to go when I go to work

  6. A former colleague of mine sent her huge dog to daycare while she was at work. It had swimming sessions, birthday and Christmas parties and a thoroughly lovely time. It cost an absolute fortune but she didn't mind paying it.

  7. Look at the one wrapped up in a blanket! Absolutely happy dogs.

    1. Apparently he wraps himself up in that blanket, lol

  8. Great picture Briony. It's nice that there are no big dogs throwing their weight around. At first I didn't know what you meant by "get stuck in" but I needn't have worried.

  9. I nearly missed the one next to Bo as he/she blends in with the settee!!! :)

  10. How wonderful that Bo has such a lovely place to go to when your daughter is at work. I do feel so sorry for dogs who are left at home all day, this is the perfect solution.

  11. That is too cute. Sounds like the man who runs this place really loves the doggies--even providing a ramp for the sausages to be able to join their buddies on the sofa.