Monday, 9 December 2019


As you know, Rupert has a big problem with fur balls and is a constant worry.
Quite by chance I have discovered a unique new way of getting quite a lot off and he loves it.

Take one hair pin, place fingers down near the end so an not to scratch too much and to Rupert it feels like he is being stroked, lthen gently pull the hair pin through the fur.
As you can see, I am getting load of loose fur off this way and he really enjoys it.
You may wonder why don't I just use a brush.  But for some reason because his hair is long and silky it just doesn't remove much and the special tool that we bought he runs a mile from.

He doesn't even know about the hair pin as it's hidden in my fingers.

How crafty of me, lol


  1. Very clever and effective too. That does get a lot of fur off.

  2. Great that it calms him. Ours doesn't mind too much with the comb so long as you're very gentle otherwise it hurts him I think. Arilx

  3. I used to use a fine-toothed flea comb. Its teeth were fine enough that it would catch and pull out a lot of that undercoat, and the cat didn't seem to mind it unless I got a knotty place. Never heard of the hairpin idea, but whatever works!

  4. you are really crafty! and he doesn't even KNOW... great job and so happy you found a way to remove the furs...

  5. We have two long-haired cata. Jake gets combed with a flea comb and fortunately will tolerate quite a lot of tugging. Jess loves being brushed but will not tolerate any tugging at all. So her coat is a mass of knots and I have to sneak up on her with the scissors. Your method looks very good - I might try it on her. x

  6. Crafty in both senses of the word! lol

    I'm glad you found a way to get those hairs out without a fuss. I use three different brushes for our cats because they all do different things. But now I will add this method and see how it works for our girls. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. That's a great idea,I'm going to try that on my teddy dog - he looks a bit like a mop,gets a wriggly bottom and runs off when I try to brush him for more than a minute or two- thanks x

  8. I wonder what you have that he runs from...I feel like I know what would work but cannot pull it from my brain.

    1. Rose, our cats are real sissies, they were bought up here from birth but still run from the hoover or floor mop among other things, lol

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