Friday, 21 February 2020


People seem genuinely surprised about the beach stones on the last post and I can see that it is hard to believe that the stones could be thrown up like that.
I bet the council are hopping mad as after the first storm they had the workmen out putting the beach back to normal with diggers.

Here they are making things nice and tidy again after first storm.

All set for the next storm, lol

Now they have to start all over again.  Lets hope there are no more storms in the offing because at this rate our council tax will be through the roof to pay for it.

Steve mentioned about the stones being heavy to shift.  It just goes to show how powerful mother nature is.

I leave you with these two fat lumps in the night light bedded down for the night, snapped them just as I was going to bed.
Why they choose to sleep on the floor when there's so many sofa's and soft beds is beyond me, but that's cat's for you. 


  1. I love any kind of cats, and sleeping especially. I wonder if they sleep on the floor when they want lots of room to stretch way out? So they have the best of both worlds; cozy beds and wide open carpet. Wonder if there was any sea glass amongst the stones...

  2. I've just seen the damage at Climping after Storm Ciara. I went there with a friend earlier this month before the damage and everywhere we walked has now disappeared into the sea. Arilx

  3. I wasn't positive those were stones in the photo yesterday so thank you for clarifying that. That's amazing!

    I don't know what cats are thinking either. Ours will choose the same spots at the same time of day for weeks on end, then suddenly change and I have no idea why.

  4. I wish Brighton Council would shift all the stones and replace them with sand. I much prefer a sandy beach for sun-bathing and swimming. Perhaps they could swap them for sand from Saudi Arabia or just send a few lorries over to Bournemouth in the dead of night.

    1. Flip flops are the answer YP, although when I was young I walked over them easily without. I personally do not like sand.

    2. Eh? Is this blog sponsored by Brighton and Hove Tourism?

  5. That is pretty amazing that all that beach stone got moved in the storm.
    The cats look pretty comfy stretched out on the floor. Sleeping on the floor would kill

  6. I do like your b/w cats Briony, my own is very similar and sleeps on the carpet despite there being plenty of cat and human bedding available. I sometimes think she lies on the carpet over where the warm central heating pipes run underneath the floorboards, who knows. Nowt as queer as cats as some say up north. Best wishes Willy Wombat

  7. they look super comfy, maybe they needed the nightlight for something. ha ha… nature does stuff, man messes with it, natured does stuff, man messes with it. I remember a time when nature did it and nature fixed itself. that was then and this is now.. and now cost a lot

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  9. Cats you never know what there thinking 😁

  10. My cat sleeps across the landing as the hot pipes run under there, he's not so daft as I think he is!

  11. I was staying down near Porlock some years ago when there was a night of storms. Next morning there were huge rocks washed up and the sea had broken through the shingle bar that protected the bay. I think they now just let that land flood.


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