Friday, 3 July 2020


I have a fairly old Epson xp215 printer that is a bit temperamental but is still working.
The good thing about this printer is that I can buy new cartridges from Ebay at a smidgen the price that the proper cartridges cost and they work perfectly.
£35.48 for 4 Correct cartridges.
£10.99 for 14 Ebay compatible cartridges.
I have been using these for several years with no detrimental effects on the printer.
Of course there is a  little box that pops up tells me that I am not using the correct ones but I ignore it.

This printer is upstairs together with my old desktop along with my craft stuff but sometimes when I am downstairs on my other (how lucky am I to have 2 desktop computer's, lol) I want to print downstairs.
So I bought a relatively cheap printer for downstairs thinking that I could again get cheap ink.
Oh no, I cannot find compatible ink anywhere and am not prepared to pay an arm and a leg for the recommended stuff.
The manufacturers have cottoned on and are making it difficult to find compatible ink for the new printers.
So I connected the upstairs one to WIFI but am having all sorts of trouble. 
Sometimes it behaves and sometimes it doesn't, causing me to keep going upstairs to see what is happening.
Thank goodness for  a stair lift or I might possibly have expired by now, lol

Why is printer ink so expensive?
Because they know that we can't do without it .

Finally, thank you for all the lovely comments yesterday.
I know we are not the only one's coping with problems and life isn't easy when you are 'mature' and have various bits falling off. lol



  1. Ink is expensive and the only reason I can think of is like you said because they know that we can't do without it. My printer is a wireless one and I have never been alble to figure out how to print from anything other than my desktop computer. I gave up trying a long time ago..

  2. The b thing teases me Ann, It keeps whirring as though it's going to print, I get all excited and then it stops, lol
    Getting Tom the tech man (Ahem) to look at it today.
    I like to print patterns and music on it.

  3. I remember reading that millilitre by millilitre, printer ink is more expesive than top branded French perfume. I gave up on bubblejet printers because we used them so infrequently they kept drying up, and also if you don't leave them switched on then every time you do switch them on they squirt poundsworths of ink out to nowhere as part of the cleaning cycle. So we've been using colour lasers for some years which work out cheaper with infrequent use, and send photographs away for printing.

  4. I find it I hate printer hookups worse than anything else and that includes all devices but I did buy a neat printer and it does print from my phone my tablet my desktop and my laptop. Because it's a neat printer. And I just this very minute had a pop-up telling me I'm low on ink and I looked and it's really low which means I have to go buy some and it's $40 for three. And you're right they charge us that much because they can because the amount of ink that's in those little tiny cartridges is nothing but they know that we've all become printer crazy. For instance Bob just went to the ocular surgeon yesterday and they emailed me six-page packet to fill out and bring with us and I had to print it so that was six pages and all that ink and what would I have done if I didn't have the printer

  5. Our printer has a mind of its own.Last week it kept randomly printing a particular photo my OH had printer to do a painting from.It is a wireless printer and suddenly we would hear it whirring and out popped another.Neither of us anywhere or touching anything.Very strange.
    I have only just read your blog from yesterday.I get up every morning and say "another!!! At least from Monday we can travel more than 5 miles!!!I really am getting to the end of my tether and often feel down.Take care .Barbara

  6. Falling off?! I hope not!

    Printers are a nightmare. We barely use ours to print, but we do scan with it. Fortunately that doesn't require ink!

  7. Printers are such a headache! mine's a HP printer and wouldn't link to wifi for months but I kept on and on trying until I finally got it working. Then I got a message from HP asking if I would like to join HP ink I looked into it and you can get 15 pages free a month and then it's £1 for every 10 after that, I signed up and they sent me two ink cartridges free which I've just started using, they warn you when you have nearly used your allowance so it suits me fine as I don't print that much anyway.

  8. Yep, Briony... they know how to "get us". I don't doubt this in the least. Love, Andrea xoxo

  9. How wonderful that you have a chair lift! We live in a one story house, but I still cannot get up and down to the basement without going outside and around the house. Printers are cheap now. Where they really get you is the ink!! We have ours wi-fied so I can print from another room, I hope you can get yours all fixed up this way.

  10. You could attach documents to an email on the downstairs computer and send to yourself then open upstairs ready for printing.

    The exorbitant price of printer cartridges is one of the mysteries of the universe.

    1. Thanks YP have done that but the printer upstairs was not printing, have moved it downstairs and is fine now. Must have been too far from the router.

  11. Yep, printers are expensive to maintain. And every so often the upgrades to the operating system don't get along with the printer system and I curse at that too :)

  12. I used to attach the printer lead when I got to the print stage. All he other time I was in the garden or another room using my lap top. It was the best solution to have it hard wired when printing. Hope you sort it soon

  13. Printers are quite cheap to buy but as you say the ink is a horrendous price. My printer suddenly wouldn't work wireless so I connected it by cable and no more problems - luckily it is sitting next to the desktop.

  14. I can never understand why printer ink is so expensive. I did once try the cheaper alternative and it clogged up my printer with the result I had to buy a new printer. Since then I've not dared to use anything other than the exorbitant recommended ink cartridges