Friday, 18 December 2020


Following on from the chicken post, it put me in mind of the rabbits Dad used to keep in the garden.
One pure white one I named Snowy and used to often pet him in his cage.
One day I went down into the garden and Snowy was gone.
Dad kept the rabbits for food and every so often would help one on to the next rabbit world.

They used to hang in the shed once he had removed the insides with a stick across the middle.
I still don't know what the stick was there for.
I found this quite normal until Snowy was hanging up there because I'm sure if you'd have asked Snowy if he wanted to be helped on to the next rabbit world he would have said 'no'. lol

Now I would be horrified about all this but back then in the early 50's it was common practice to help with the shortage of food.
Nothing was wasted and we had a rabbit fur rug in front of the fire in the 'Best Room' and the little boy who lived upstairs was well pleased with his 'Davy Crockett' hat that my Dad made him.
I also had a 'Lucky' rabbits foot that I would carry around.

All sounds horrible now but accepted then.

Having trouble loading images, any tips.  Have cleared my cookies and cache and its made no difference.
Seems that they upload fine on FireFox but not on Chrome. 
Problem solved but why its suddenly happened is beyond my tec knowledge.






  1. I skinned and gutted many a rabbit in my younger days. I think I would be ill if asked to do it now but as you say. Perfectly normal back then.

  2. I just checked mine and it uploaded fine. might be your internet connection.. hope it gets better soon. blogger is fine here, but then you are not in the same country. with blogger who knows??

  3. Poor Snowy, we only ever ate rabbit once when I was a kid, I remember my brother and I struggling to eat it we didn't like the idea at all but now my brother actually goes hunting for rabbits a bit different from eating one you knew as a pet though. Sorry that you're having trouble loading your pictures, what's happening when you try?

  4. Well, I think it might not be a bad thing if we were less squeamish and more aware of where our food comes from!

  5. They were different days back then, as you say. We've since become too much PC sometimes I think.

  6. I can remember my mum skinning and cooking rabbit (not a pet one though) and I ate it happily. I can remember her preparing pigs feet, oxtail, sheeps brains and egg mashed up 🤢 and tripe, none of which could I face eating now. I am virtually vegetarian. I wonder why? 😂 xx

  7. I had two very beloved pet rabbits - one was a Dutch rabbit called Lucy who got myxomatosis and then my second rabbit was a lovely white rabbit with pink eyes called Rosemary, who was eaten by a either a farm dog or a wild animal. After those experiences, I didn't have any more pet rabbits. Even before becoming a vegetarian, I could never eat rabbit, because of my lovely pets. Poor Snowy indeed.
    Best wishes

  8. Sounds like Chrome is acting up. Well, you learned a hard lesson in a kind of painless way.

  9. My first husband was a hunter and we had all kinds of different things for dinner. I think I would have had a hard time eating any of it if I had known it's name. :)

  10. I had a rabbit as a child and can still remember coming home from school one day (I would have been 5) and no rabbit only to be served him for dinner.

  11. My husband is a hunter and we have 4 venison in the freezer right now, enough to last through the winter. While I can help with the butchering and packing of them, I do have to say that I am NOT a hunter. I would not have the stomach to be. I know that this makes me a bit of a hypocrite.

  12. We ate a lot of rabbit back in the day, not sure I would eat it these days.

  13. we kept meat rabbits when i was a kid , the numbers used to diminish whenever dad was out of work , took me years to figure out why?

  14. Butchers use to have rabbits and pheasants hanging up outside. You never see them now.

  15. Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit - you've got more rabbit than Sainsburys! We used to keep a pig called Sheila. We often fed her with slops from school dinners. Dad had to bring the local butcher in to send her to pig heaven. It all caused family distress so we never kept another pig.

  16. Wishing you both a safe and happy Christmas and new year x