Sunday, 8 February 2015


Today was the first really Spring like day we've had this year and so we took ourselves off the 'The Tip'.
Well, this is what we call it as it used to be a valley used for tipping rubbish but when it bacame pretty full it was left to return to nature and is now known as 'Sheepcote Valley' and is a nature reserve.

Situated close to the coast, you can see the sea in the background.
Recently they have started to graze sheep here and today there were plenty.

But not the usual type of white sheep with spindly legs.  These were like mini bison, so rough looking with long tails and much bigger furry legs.   I wonder what they are? I'm sure 'Countryside Tales' will know.

We took a circular walk and were so lucky to see a Kestrel perched on top of some branches posing for me to take pictures.  Now, my camera hasn't got the best zoom lense but I managed to get one decent shot before it decided I'd got a little too close for comfort.

I love the little feet curled around the branch and the enquiring look he's giving me.
We returned home with a good feeling that the real Spring will soon be here.


  1. they sure don't look like any sheep I have seen or heard of. great way to keep it mowed and looking good and good for the sheep to... and a super idea to make it a preserve.

  2. It has been around 70 here, too! But we did not do anything near as beautiful. We went to Wal-Mart. Love those huge sheep, and you are right, They look like mini bison! I am glad the place looks like this and no more trash. And the water in the background, it couldn't get any better.

  3. Could they be Shetland Sheep? Not sure if they are huge though! What a good idea to use the land like that.
    Best wishes

  4. Love the falcon, the sheep look normal to me they have not been sheared though maybe that is what you are used to seeing. I am living in USA and so you may have different looking ones than we do.

  5. Fantastic shot of the kestrel!
    It's good to see the landfill site returning to nature.
    Jane x

  6. Not sure of the breed of sheep but they look like traditional native types which are generally more thick set and hardy and get used a lot for conservation grazing on reserves. Super that they've let the land turn into a reserve. If they've got the rights plants there it won't be long before you start seeing all sorts of wonderful creatures, especially moths, bees and butterflies. Fantastic shot of the Kestrel, looks like a female as I can't see a silvery grey head which is what the males have. xx

  7. Beautiful photos dear lady. Love the kestrels feet too :). Big warm hugs to you both. Xx

  8. Good pic of the kestrel.
    I think the sheep are a cross-breed, not sure which!

  9. Well that has to be one of the most beautiful tips there is!! Wonderful pictures, your camera has a very good zoom it seems to me!! xx

  10. I think they might be Herdwick sheep, they look very much like the ones featured on Country File this evening.

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