Thursday, 12 March 2015


Today was a lovely warm Spring day so we decided to visit a Nature Reserve just a few miles away called 'Woods Mill'

We haven't visited this place for years and were pleased to find it still the same, a haven for birds and wild life.

I thought this was such a good idea, a home for insects made from palettes , bricks with holes and various bits of wood and pots.

One of the good things about this place is that it's an educational outing for kids and once the Spring and Summer get under way there will be parties of them learning all about nature.   These logs are obviously little seats for them to gather around and listen to the wardens.

This was rather a surprise as we rounded a corner, I don't know quite what to make of it but it looked like a fallen statue that had got itself covered in moss, it was quite creepy actually.

What with the mossy man and this sinister looking root I wouldn't much like to walk around here at night. lol

Finally as we were nearing the end of the walk we sat on a bench near the pond and a couple of gorgeous Robins wer hopping around in the bush and on the ground really close,  Tom held his hand out and they were flying over to it looking for food.  Had we had any Robin mix they would have landed on his hand.
Next week we are going back with some food and hoping to get some more pictures.
I was so pleased with this shot as my camera isn't overly fancy, but just look at the slate blue colouring of the feathers.
All in all, we had a lovely walk and can't wait to return there.


  1. Your bluebird shot is wonderful, a great portrait! I would love to go here and walk around looking at the surprises.I can't wait to see your next findings!

  2. Great pictures, love the bluebird picture!

  3. That looks a lovely place, just my kind of place. Gorgeous photo of the robin. x

  4. Hi, this is my first visit to your blog. I like the robin picture.

  5. a truly lovely place to visit and that robin is adorable

  6. What a fantastic bug hotel that is!!! How amazing for all the insects looking for somewhere to overwinter. xx

  7. Looks an interesting place to go and love the Robin photo xx

  8. Lovely post and I rather like the moss man! x

  9. what a pretty robin that is. It doesn't look anything like the robins we have here

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