Thursday, 9 April 2015

A Good Tidy Up

 Time again to tidy up the Bijou garden although there's not a lot of incentive with the building work still going on next door, never the less we decided to just go on as normal and hope they soon get done.
Pots to empty and rubbish to get rid of etc kept Tom busy this morning.

Amazingly the million bells that hung on the front of the mini shed have survived the winter  along with a couple of Geraniums.   The Blue Angel (top left is throwing some nice strong looking shoots and the clematis that I cut right to nothing has decided that its going nowhere and has started to grow again.

As you can see, this lot next door has a long way to go and as the builders have done what all builders seem to do these days, that is, gone away for some reason it could be ages before we are back to normal.


  1. I always love having a nosey in other people's gardens :o) That does look a big project next door xx

  2. I would hate having construction next door. we live in a heavily populated area of homes and there seems to be always someone putting on a new roof, with the sound of hammers and nail guns going off. and lawn mowers and blowers. very noisy.
    i love your blue table and chairs and that blue gate. glad your million bells made it through.

  3. Blimey, I bet that's a noisy lot of work going on next to you. It's still nice getting the garden ready though x

  4. Your garden is so cute! I love the bright blue, that makes it heavenly! Also the sun on your door, so pretty! I hope you will be showing us more of it as the spring and summer goes on.

  5. I love the blue in your garden!
    We're having builders in later in the year...I'm dreading it.
    Jane x

  6. Around here construction jobs get the most attention if they are big money jobs. The rest get worked on when they have the spare time.