Sunday, 5 April 2015


Yesterday, although not terribly good weather we took a walk around our local Cemetary.
Some might think this a funny place to take a walk but our Cemetary is just like a wild life garden and is gradually being made more so.
They've even installed arrow sign posts to guide you around a kind of nature trail.
I grew up in a house that backed on to this cemetary and so graves are second nature to me and not at all spooky.

It was a beautiful calm peaceful walk and it felt really Spring like.
Parts of this Cemetary are still quite wild as seen in the bottom left picture, such a lovely place to take a walk.

Yesterday's cake was as nice to eat as it looked I'm please to say.  You can never really be too sure with a rich fruit cake until you cut into it.  This one usually comes out fine and I've got emails from the kids to say save them a bit. lol

This makes a 6" cake, just big enough and would be perfect for Christmas, Birthdays etc.
If anyone wants the recipe I'll be only too pleased to pass it on.
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  1. I love going through cemeteries, and we have been through lots. There is always birds, flowers, and beauty to be seen.

  2. In Victorian times, cemeteries were places to visit on a Sunday, to see and be seen. I find them fascinating but also peaceful places, full of social history. It's a lovely idea to make a cemetery walk like that one and shows that it is well looked after.
    Best wishes

  3. Growing up in the town, our cemetary was a green oasis of quiet and wildlife.

  4. I find cemeteries fascinating and this one looks beautiful. It would be nice if more were like this

  5. Another person here who finds cemeteries a lovely and peaceful place to take a stroll. My grandmother lived next to one and we often took walks there and admired the statuary and read the inscriptions.

    That cake looks delicious. Yes, I'd like to have the recipe when you have time to send it. I am intrigued by the frosting/ topping! I've never seen anything quite like that.
    Thank you for offering the recipe!

  6. I often feel that even the wildlife find a cemetary more peaceful to be in. I like to sometimes just walk into one and sit in the peace and quiet. The simnel cake looks good. Our daughter brought one over yesterday, but we ate it before remembering to take a piccie....oops!

  7. The wildlife garden around the Cemetery looks great. You might be interested in a book called God's Acre by Francesca Greenoak- all about the wildlife value of churchyards. It has some lovely illustrations and is a wonderful read xx

  8. I love old cemeteries, and walk them when I can. This one looks lovely.
    The cake looks wonderful, please pass it on to me, when you have the time. That is very kind of you!

  9. Some of my best memories as a kid are in cemetaries, picking blackberries. I imagine the folks at rest enjoy the company!