Saturday, 4 April 2015


Since the kids left home and there is only Tom and myself to cook for I have tended to not make so many cakes.   
Making a batch of cakes is so tempting and more than one is comsumed,  I know....I could freeze them but we are both weak willed when confronted with a wire cooling rack containing say 12 chelsea buns.

Every Easter when we were a family I always made lots of hot cross buns and an Easter cake but haven't made one for years,  anyway,  just fancied making one again this year.
So out came my old recipe book from the dark ages and I dragged out the recipe for the Easter cake.

How old is this booklet?  I don't know, it must be from the 70's and as you can see is literally falling to pieces. It came free with a magazine.

Anyway, I made it and it didn't turn out too bad.  The proof will be in the eating but usually this cake eats really well.

Below is the book full of disintegrating recipes. lol

Now, the question is can I have the same success with hot cross buns ?


  1. the cake looks good from here, if given the choice between cake and hot cross buns, i would go with the buns. mother made the same Easter cake every year until she could no longer stand up... it was vanilla layers filled with boiled white sugar icing and covered in white cocoanut. daddy and i loved that cake.. she always put jelly beans on it for decorations and colored a little cocoanut green to make a nest for the jelly beans. i had totally forgotten that

  2. Good grief that recipe book is in bits, lol! Sometimes tho' you just cant beat the old recipes for spot on results. I still have my Mother's old Be-ro book somewhere and it used to make brilliant baking. Your simnel cake looks fab.

  3. Sometimes it is nice to do something that reminds us of the good ol' days. I make healthier versions of cakes and such now so don't feel so guilty baking and eating. :) Happy Easter. Tammy

  4. It looks fit for a king! wish I could reach in and slice a piece. I will await the Hot Cross! Our grocery store bakery sells them at Easter time.

  5. Snap, my recipe folder looks like yours. The tattier they are the better the make.

  6. Ooh it looks wonderful. Can you send us all out a piece, the way they do with wedding cake, in those bitty little boxes? Myabe, make that BIG little boxes LOL

  7. That cake looks really good. I don't do too much baking at home either. It's just me and Wade and I would eat way too much if I made it

  8. I would like to make cakes now and again, but don't. I would pig out on them. If I lived near you I could come round and have just one of yours.

  9. Gorgeous looking cake. I'm a hopeless baker.