Thursday, 16 April 2015


For my Birthday by eldest son bought me an ipad mini and introduced me to Scrabble online.
Tom has a Kindle Fire so he's not left out.

And now I'm hooked..
Every spare moment is spent trying to find the biggest scoring word.
I can't say that I'm not enjoying this new toy because I am.  I'm not a number person but love words.
The whole family is in on this so there is no shortage of opponents, but I have to ask myself, am I wasting time?

Thankyou for all of the advice on the squabbling cats, I now have 2 water pistols (not at my hip) ready for use if Princess starts any more of her tricks. One in the front of the house and one in the Kitchen.

 Meanwhile Mummy Polly is still loving the basket of wool

 And I've loaded up another bed with old wool that for some reason is never used in the hopes that it will free up a wicker chair in the window.
It was a good idea to put these two chairs in the window , we thought we could sit and do various things there but we didn't bargain on Rowan and Willow taking a liking to them.  Keep you fingers crossed that one of them likes the new arrangement.

As I am typing Rowan has knocked my camera lense cover onto the carpet and is now enjoying a game with it, better keep my eye on it as last time it went walkies we couldn't find it for ages.


  1. when things get moved around here, we look at Baby and say "who did this" and she knows we know it was her.
    i will contact Apple and see if they can come up with an app that sprays water on cats, that way you will not be wasting time. MOL LOL BOL.... i would love to have the Ipad anything and scrabble is no different than painting, sewing, drawing, blogging, Facebooking, etc... do what you want to do that brings you pleasure. life is short

  2. What a nice gift and as for wasting time I remember reading a quote once that said something like anything you enjoy doing is not a waste of time.

  3. Liking Anne Thompson's quote which I must remember.

    Those are such cute pictures of the cats but the likelihood of them taking to your wool arrangement is debatable. My two lie on my fresh clean washing pile but if I wash their bedding it results in a huff-fest.

    No-one in my family likes Scrabble so I am utterly deprived and I never thought of finding an app so thanks so much for the tip.

  4. do you play Scrabble on Facebook? I do. Maybe we can play. the iPad mini is fantastic!!! I hope you get your chairs back soon!

  5. Is it a fight for the chairs in the window.........? Do you or the cats win?
    Julie xxxxxx

  6. Scrabble's good for the brain so it can't be a waste of time :-) love the pics of your puss cats as always x

  7. Answer to question - yes, but you're enjoying it and keeping your mind occupied.
    Revise - answer to question - no of course not. Playing is doing you good!
    What a coincidence - I've posted about unused balls of wool today.