Friday 24 July 2015


A package dropped through the door the other day from USA and I knew immediately who it was from.
Inside was a lovely little yellow heart and a crochet dream catcher together with a card from Kuwait.
The only person it could have been was Tammy.
Such a lovely thoughtful person who I'm sure has helped so many with her beautiful quotes on her blog.
Find her here  her posts are always uplifting

Thank you Tammy.

It looks really nice hanging from the lampshade on my desk.

And equally nice lit up at night.

And the little heart goes well with the angel on top of my notelet box.


  1. it goes really well with your angles.. and the light makes it glow

  2. I love using lamps to show off all kinds of stuff your art looks great on there!

  3. what a nice surprise. That looks really nice with the light shining through it

  4. what a lovely way to display this on a lampshade

  5. Hi, I love your Bijou garden, your beautiful cats, and wonderful crazy hexagon patches; I read some of your older posts and noticed your cat playing with a cloth you had bleached. I find my cats are fascinated by bleached areas, cloths etc- just wondered if yours were the same? Elaine

  6. Elaine, thanks for taking the time to comment, glad you enjoyed browsing the blog.

  7. lovely! Just wanted to mention I love the little crochet dog in your new header. Did you make that or was it another lovely surprise? Hugs from New Zealand xo