Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Today is a wet and damp day and so consequently some of my snails are out and about.
My little garden is a haven for slugs and snails as I never kill any of them, I just plant things that they don't eat.
Most people don't like these creatures but I do...
Coming back from shopping there was a large one wandering about looking for decaying leaves and so I captured him in a photo.

 I called for Tom to get my camera and he decided that it was a good idea to snap me as I was begging for him not to be a silly xxxxxxx

It made me wonder how long they live as this one's shell was the worse for wear and looking a bit scratched and I found out that they can live from 5 - 25 years depending on the species.
I also found out that if you don't want them coming back you should take them 65 feet away from your property and that should stop them returning, otherwise they will find their way home again.

I thought that this one was looking at me, see the little black dot , but no, it seems that they don't have good eyesight or hearing and they rely on smell so he/she must have caught a whiff of me. lol


  1. I am with you, i like them to, have never seen one like this one, bob kills them when i am not looking.. i told him there is nothing out there they are not welcome to... super shot of this little guy and i love the pic your hubby took.

  2. We don't see many slugs or snails here...there's a cute scene of singing slugs in the movie "Flushed Away". Cute slugs? Who'd have thought it!
    Jane x

  3. I love snails too. It's only a couple of species of slug that eat garden plants - the rest clear up the detritus so provide a valuable service. I like that pic of you. My husband took a photo of me sewing in my pants this week. It was not a pretty sight. I was trying on trousers as I was making them and couldn't be bothered to keep changing. That is one photograph that will definitely NOT be making its way on to my blog :o) xx

  4. I rather like snails to be honest even as a gardener. I do tend to throw them into the field though & yes I expect they do make their way back. The pickings are good for them here x

  5. I didn't care for the little creatures till I found your blog :)

  6. The picture of you is lovely. Thanks, Tom!
    Your garden looks terrific. What a delightful place to sit and have tea or read.

    Great pictures of the snails. We have slugs but not the snails with shells. We've never had any trouble with slugs being destructive so I've never felt the need to destroy them.

    Hope your summer is going well. We are watching the tennis matches and the newscaster said it's very hot there.

  7. I've never found any crawling around in my yard. Those closeups are pretty cool

  8. Looks like he's enjoying Sunday lunch in your garden. I get quite a few snails in my flowerbeds which get relocated under the fence into the driveway next door. I'm sure they come back though. What worries me are the HUGE slugs that swagger around here. I'm sure there must be some secret lab nearby performing experiments on them, I've never seen such big specimens!

  9. I've always liked snails too. It's true you have to dispose of them a long way off. We -safely- marked some shells and sure enough they made their way home!

    My husband's mother still cringes about when they lived abroad and my husband and his brother spent the day collecting snails in a biscuit tin. My husband took it to bed with him, obviously didn't secure the lid, and they woke up next morning to find them all in the bedding, on the walls and on the ceiling!

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