Thursday, 23 July 2015


Yesterday we went to a local park called Preston Park as we'd heard about the wild flowers that have been planted there.

This used to be a bowling green but has been turned into a wild flower meadow.
There is a path winding though and a central area of grass  and as you can see there are people having a picnic there.

I really like this idea and noticed quite a lot of bees so its got to be good.  But I also  noticed that there were hardly any butterflies.
Is it a bad year for them or something as I haven't seen many anywhere ?


  1. What a lovely transformation! I hope you can get an answer on the butterflies. I would've thought you'd have seen lots of them.

  2. our food supply is in danger from lack of bees, they are dying in alarming numbers. this field is a great idea for us to see ad for the bees. i would love to have a meadow full of wild flowers. here is one link about the bees, but if you google search dying bees 2015 there are many articles

  3. how pretty that is with all the flowers.

  4. what a lovely way to transform a bowling green that is no longer used, round here they are building houses on them. I have seen far fewer butterflies and the ones I have seen seem a lot smaller, the leaves on my pear trees though have bee feasted on so the caterpillars were around though I never could find the on the leaves

  5. I haven't see many butterflies in my garden this year either - usually the buddleia is alive with them! I think I have only spotted about three this month, which is a bit worrying. The meadow looks beautiful.
    Best wishes

  6. Come to think of it, we haven't seen many butterflies this year either. Usually those small white ones called sulphers are in our garden laying their eggs. Hardly any moths fluttering on the window screens at night either.

    The wildflower meadow is lovely. Beautiful colors!
    Maybe a start for one of your amazing embroideries.

  7. How beautiful!!! It might just be that it will take a while for the butterflies to find the flowers, they need a different sort of habitat than the other bugs and things do. It is a gorgeous sight isn't it! xx