Thursday, 27 August 2015


Both machine covers are on and in place, one I have to tell you already has a sprinkling of hairs as Willow thought it was nice to rub up against it, still that's what they are for.
I wanted to put some tassles on each corner and I knew that I had a bag full that I found in the car boot, but do you think I can find them? no, I obviously threw them out in one of my mad clear out's.
Do you ever throw things out and then wish you'd kept them?

Here they are finished,  I think they look a bit like a couple of large toasters. lol

Now for the new idea.
I've been making stuffed crochet hearts and have an idea for using them.

Here they are with the other things I need to make this item, any ideas?

Finally, the rain is still pelting down here this morning and I can tell you that there are 5 furry beings that are not happy.


  1. we have had thunder storms all morning and more on the way. why not use the hearts or something else like them to hang on the covers instead of the missing tassels.. yes i throw away things all the time that i need later, i keep nothing and then wish i had. if i keep something a year and don't use it, i get rid of it, a week later is when i need it.

  2. Nice machine covers. You must be going to make either individual heart ornaments or are going to string them together to make a little hanging ... decorated with beads, of course. Something I've wanted to do but can't find my bag of beads. :)

  3. I like the machine covers and it does kind of remind me of toasters :) I rarely throw anything away in my craft stash but I'm constantly trying to find something I know I have. I so wish I was more organized there.
    I'm going to guess that you are making a garland or a banner with the crochet hearts

  4. I love those machine covers. You did make me smile though as I often fish things back out of the recycle. I can guarantee that the very minute I throw something out a dozen projects jumpinto my head.

  5. loving your machine covers thinking I must make some for mine too as thee look so good and then the machines can be left out as they look so good. Maybe it is just as well you have lost the tassels, can visualise your four legged friends having great fun with them! Wondering what plans you have for the hearts.
    Yesterday we had a dry day, fingers crossed it will last as Sal my granddaughter is at the Leeds musical festival till monday, over 70000 of them camping, no doubt it will be very muddy due to the rain earlier this week

  6. Heart bunting? Love the patchwork covers, hairy or otherwise! x

  7. Yes i did. Before throwing it out, i felt that it's junk but after a week or two i would think...oh no...if only i didnt throw awaybthat...i could have use it for this ....or that.

  8. Your hearts will make a beautiful beaded garland! Great covers! Hope you find your tassels! xx

  9. Could you use the hearts instead of tassels?

  10. Looking forward to seeing what you make with those hearts!!