Saturday, 22 August 2015


Why is it that cats are attracted to the places where we don't want them.
I'm convinced that they know exactly what they are doing. 

Here's one example.  All the hexagons are laid out nicely and when my back is turned, there's Princess giving me that pleading look.

 Oh go on, let me stay....
Okay, I'll get on the computer  until you decide to move.
I turn around and she's decided she might just like to sit in front of the very place where I want to be again.
So I shoo her off and........
Not to be beaten she lays on some ironing waiting to be done.
oh well, at least I have the patchwork and computer back,   for now....


  1. Princess is beautiful......and looks ever so comfortable in all of those places lol.
    hugs Jo x

  2. Isn't that what cats do......... they want to help
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Lovely photos! I think cats do it because they want attention - they don't like it if you aren't focusing on them! Well, that's what they do in this house...
    Best wishes

  4. Cats know that they were put on this earth to be adored,and they won't let anything get in the way of that!
    Jane x

  5. did you know dogs do the same thing? except they can't get up on the desk or table. they can get in front of the TV so the remote signal is blocked, and can get under the computer chair so i can't get to it or if i an on it can't get up.... in baby's old age, she is 101, i have had to baby proof the house, she never chewed in her whole life, but now she chews anything we leave where she can reach it. she dragged out a bag of my albums that are on a bottom shelf and was chewing on the corners... i am putting up with it because she is not long for this world at her age

    and besides look how sweet and cute and adorable your princess looks getting in your wary.. smiles are good for the heart. so you get hairs on the quilt after or before it is finished.

  6. :-) seeking your attention perhaps?

  7. I have got a black and white one doing exactly the same thing now. She lies in front of the keyboard. Your puss is lovely.

  8. It is difficult to discipline a cat--especially since they are so good at putting on an appealing face! I can never decide if a cat is merely being companionable or is inspired by more mischievous notions. [I suspect the later.]

  9. it looks like you might be getting the evil eye in that last picture :)

  10. Ha-ha! They do have a tendency to do that. If Jingles doesn't want to me, she can be quite ornery. :)

  11. and THIS is why I do most of my crocheting at work...staring at the monitors!

  12. I can understand her lying on those hexies they will make a lovely quilt for her!