Sunday, 23 August 2015


After yesterday's post about Princess, I thought some of you might like to know my quick, easy method of making the hexagon patchwork that she was lying on.
I know this isn't the traditional way but at my age things need to be quick. lol

First decide on the size of your hexagons, mine are 3" across flat side to flat side, this is the finished size, these will be cut out of paper.  Then make another template approx 1/4" larger all round from stiff card.
You can find printabel hexagon templates here
1 tube of glue, mine is Lapel Stick and is easily washed out.

Using the larger template, cut out your fabric hexagons and instead of stitching them onto the paper, carefully stick them all around the edge.

I then use one of the fancy stitches on the sewing machine, adjusting it to a suitable width and stitch length to catch each side but not too much of the paper backing.
And proceed to stitch them altogether.

Here you can see some already stitched and some laid out ready.
It really is quick and easy.

Here you can see the cover I have made for the felting machine, and the lot on the table are going tomake a similar one for the sewing machine.

I simply laid the fabric across and folded the ends rather like a table cloth, I just have to hand sew the corners and maybe add a few buttons for decoration.

Hopefully they will help keep these black hairs away that I seem to have everywhere. ha ha.

Oh, don't forget to remove the papers when you have finished, some may need a little tug...


  1. Black hairs? what black hairs? MOL i love your covers, they are beautiful and i would like a king size one of these for my bed please... what a clever idea to use the paper...

  2. Nifty. Thanks for showing us. Much quicker than my tacking method.

  3. That is quick and easy, I have that stitch on my machine.

  4. Looks like this girl knows what she is doing :) love the post!

  5. I like this. I started a hexagon project a long time ago and never finished it. Maybe I should dig it out

  6. I have not tried glue but it is certainly a lot quicker. I find 1/4 inch is a bit skimpy when I stitch fabric to card but I bought a ruler with a 3/8" lip to cut the fabric with and it makes life easier for turning under.
    Like the covers maybe I will try this too, wonder what you have made on the felting machine or are you like me mine has been behind the couch maybe 3 years without seeing the light od day!

  7. What beautiful autumnal fabrics you have used. I was interested to see what glue you are using Briony. I have moved from tacking my shapes, to glueing, but the glue pen and refills are a bit pricey (nice pointy end for sticking tho).
    I made a cover like this for my sewing machine. If I had thought about it, I could have left the papers in for stiffness. Too late now LOL

  8. Fantastic! Great cover for your machine! xx