Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Bits and Bobs and a smug Cat.

Lovely sunny day today and so Tom is giving the Bijou shed a coat of paint for the winter and hoping that the rain holds off long enough for it to dry.

 Still a few flowers holding on after the wind and rain,  Kitties rose has been really good this year with lots of lovely orange blooms.

This Begonia is 4 years old now and keeps coming back as good as ever, I shall put it into the shed when it has finished and see if it returns to us next year.

 Freds rose has gallantly thrown off some more buds but I'm not sure if they will come to much, it will all depend on the weather.

Again, this Begonia is also 4 years old and I shall try to keep it for next year.

 I've made some more bits for the coral reef wall hanging and I am waiting for some stamens to come in the post for the centres.

And then of course the obligatory cat picture.
Rupert in the lap of luxury on a velvet cushion looking very smug. lol


  1. Hope Tom got finished in time for the paint to dry.
    No fear of activity being disrupted by rain here. We haven't had rain in almost three months.
    Your flowers are still looking nice. Hard to believe the first day of fall is here.

    Oh that Rupert! He looks positively royal on his pillow. Such a handsome guy!

  2. Rupert is living The Life for sure... hope that paint got dry, looks like your winter is coming quickly..

  3. Rupert does look very content. If you had our heat, that shed would be dry in no time. Still at least 40 C during the day. Happy Fall!

  4. Oh,Rupert! You look like the cat that got the cream.
    It's lovely to see the flowers not giving in to autumn!
    Jane x

  5. I hope Tom beat the rain with the paint job. The begonias are so pretty. They never would have made it that long in my care. Rupert sure does look comfy.

  6. Love the garden flowers and cat and home beautiful!

  7. New to your blog today and enjoying my visit. I adore cats and how regal they are. Lovely blossoms and I do hope you can protect your begonias for another year. Always so much "home" maintenance to be done! I shall have to visit again to see what your lovely crochet pods will become. Creative Bliss...

  8. I love the Begonias and planter.