Tuesday, 6 October 2015


The last couple of days have been miserable and wet and so all of the moggies are a tad fed up.

So, lets make them some tents.

One each end of the sofa, that will keep them happy, good ambush places...
Never mind if we need the throws, we'll put on extra jumpers. lol
On the knitting front, I have just completed a pair of socks for Tom

Bit multi coloured but he doesn't mind.
I found the yarn below at the car boot the other week, 2 skeins for £2.00.
These 2 skeins will make a 2 pairs of socks.

When I got home and looked it up the retail price for this yarn is  £15.00 per 100gms
Knock me down with a feather, I would never pay this much for 100 gms of yarn.
I thought it looked so pretty but as I'm knitting it up it's not looking so nice.

It will do though for the winter, keep my ice lolly feet warm.

Finally here's Rupert showing off his £1.00 car boot bargain.
The cat's are supposed to rub themselves on it but he's the only one whose shown interest and that's only as a picture frame...


  1. love the framed cat.. made me smile as do the multi colored socks. wish i could knit .. but not enough to learn... be sure to grab photos if anyone takes advantage of the home made tents.

  2. Must admit my sock efforts would only fit someone with a deformity , I'm afraid they're my heroic craft fail in life

  3. Love the tents and the socks. I got some bargain wool last winter, reduced from £15 a pop to £2.50. I spent a fortune and bought loads! Turned much of it into patchwork blankets which will be back on the beds soon if this damp weather continues! xx

  4. Love the socks. Perhaps the cat "frame" was in the car boot because their cat/s didn't use it either. It does make a great frame though.

  5. Rupert looks gorgeous any way!
    Jane x

  6. Yea that's funny, cats have a way of making you feel unsure of your purchases for them. You will have to try again to please them :)
    Love the socks!

  7. LOL, I like the new cat frame.
    Those socks are pretty. I like the colors. Hope the kitties like their tents

  8. what your ankles when you walk past those tents! Socks will be so cosy for the cold weather and what a bargain you got with the wool. Rupert is a show off! really posing in his arch

  9. Love the colour of the sock yarn. The yarn was a good bargain.
    Did the cats enjoy their tents?
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  10. You're as daft as us entertaining the cats! DH was playing peep -bo this morning by hiding behind the banister then peeping out at the cat. She meows, he bobs back again and then repeats until one or the other gets bored! I made a tent over a chair with a throw and we regularly move the cat tree around so the cat can have a better view in each room. Daft or what?!

  11. Love the yarn,,, good find!

  12. Those socks are gorgeous. I wil be picking up my sock needles pretty soon. I love knitting when it is cold and dark outside

  13. I am sure that your new socks will keep your feet very cosy indeed! xx

  14. Great socks! OMG, that's beautiful yarn!
    I love Tom,s pair, nice and colorful. But I like the lighter pastel pair even more.

    Rupert has found the perfect frame for himself. Funny how cats seem to know when they are at their cutest.

  15. The things we do to keep our cats happy!

  16. Rupert is such a handsome Cat. Your photo of him in his frame made me laugh. lovely wool and what a bargain !