Thursday, 17 December 2015


I'm pleased to report that at the moment the plastic seems to be working, they have not attempted to claw, why this is I do not know as I thought they would at least have given it a go.
But to help things out we found a new play gym at a charity shop for a really reasonable price.   We already have one exactly like this, we will keep the old one but the new one has gone into the lounge with the sofa in the hopes that it also will keep them off .

Rupert was the first to claim the paw.

He was the main user of the one in the hall even though he hangs off a bit.

See what I mean about hanging off,  must be comfortable though.

Made another scroll for the fire scrumble last night.  I love this one.
I made this one in yellow wool and a shiny acrylic orange yarn.
couple of stitches here that I had not tried before.
You can find instructions for this on youtube but as its all in Russian you have to follow the video as best as you can.
You can see it in its place over on my scrumbling blog


  1. I love how cats can make themselves comfortable even in places that [to us] appear lumpy or cramped, perilous, or downright uncomfortable. Our Charlie has taken to sprawling on top of the wood pile on the porch--one would think splintery and user un-friendly.
    Rupert looks like a 'character.'

  2. I bet that toy will be hours of entertainment wow! and love your beautiful needle work, thanks for posting direction video what fun!

  3. Cats manage to get cozy in the craziest of ways. Jingles has a small scratching post that she uses when we are around. ha! I'm thinking she's a very sly kitty. Your scrumble work is lovely.

  4. who knew something so simple would work so well to keep the cats from scratching. Looks like they got the best part of the deal any way :)

  5. Glad the plan is working! Happy Christmas! xx

  6. King of the castle for sure! good to read the plastic is working. Scrumble looking good, have got as far as getting the hook and wool out to have a go

  7. The scrumble is pretty.
    Your cat looks happy
    Julie xxxxxx

  8. Aw, he looks so cute up there. We used to have the same tree before our cats gradually destroyed it over the years, they have another one now and are more 'gentle' with it, glad the plastic's working xx

  9. Rupert looks very lordly on his perch ;-) x

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